{Week One}

Claire and I are currently living in a house that we the temporary house.

We call it that because a) we will only be living here through the month of September and b) we clearly aren't that creative. :)

The house we have intended to move in all along will not be completely renovated until October first, yet our contract at our old place ended on August 31st. So, we were fortunate to find a place for just the month {and at a ridiculously cheap cost}. The only problem with Temporary House ... it's a tad quirky.

As in, entirely and completely quirky.

So much so that I am taking a photograph a day for our duration here and posting it on Facebook and Instagram highlighting 30 of the best quirks.

This is what we have so far.

Day One: Our kitchen floor

Day Two: One of the cages in the backyard zoo. Yup. ZOO.

Day Three: The full-length mirror directly across from the shower. This is just one mirror of 20 in the one-bedroom home. There are five mirrors in the shower alone.

Day Four: The decor in the front yard.

Day Five: The breadbox ... in the bathroom.

Day Six: Our shower ... held together by ... tape. 

And this is only the beginning! We have 24 more days to go! 

Which part is your favorite so far?

I think mine is the zoo in the backyard.

If you would like to follow along daily, click on the link below!


The Suzzzz said...

I kind of want that kitchen floor.

Brooklyn McKenna said...

That kitchen floor! hahahaha. What a quirky fun home. I love this idea!

Kari Kirkland said...

The kitchen floor is AWESOME

Shan said...

I'm pretty much digging your kitchen floor.

Krystal said...

I'm still dying to hear the rest of the story about this house! I would rather sleep in my car than that place! One more day. You can do it!

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