- Do you know what rocks being scraped on the asphalt by a backhoe sounds like? I do. I do. Make.it.stop.

- I took a test for school last night and got 110%. Yet, I am dissatisfied because I still got three questions wrong. Folks, this is why I have delayed going back to school for so long. It makes Mindy miserable at time. Perfectionist? Generalized anxiety disorder? Take your pick.

- As tradition goes for BYU away football games, they hold a fireside in the opposing team's town. I plan on attending, my only question is, and this is serious, folks, how do I make an Aggie t-shirt Sunday best? Oh, and is a temporary Aggie face tat okay?

- Claire and created a meme yesterday that is pretty much THE best meme in the world. It may make a Facebook Finds Friday tomorrow ... assuming Facebook Finds Friday makes it to the blog tomorrow.

- I am so over #temporaryhouse.

- We get to move into our adorably fantastic house on Tuesday. TUESDAY!!!

- West Elm sells stellar decor. And if you use your student email, you get a discount every time you purchase something. Isn't that so nice? Hello, new bedding! 

- P.S. The bedding might be striped!!!!! Hey, I just can't buy new striped shirts, okay?

- This time last year? I was knee-deep in campaigning for the Mittster. Sigh

- One day it was still summer in September here in Logan, Utah. The next day it was winter.

- I am refusing to do homework tonight. Maybe I will get caught up on writing blog posts so I can bombard you with them. I guess I will go do that now.

What have you been up to?

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Shan said...

I'm excited for you and your new house.

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