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I don't really have a bucket list, per se. I have things I say I want to do or want to accomplish, but I have never complied them together.

Two things that would have to be on that list, based on how frequently I demand this desire to be a reality, would be 1. To become neighbors with Bernard Lagat and 2. To become neighbors with Glenn Beck.

Fact: this is likely to never become a reality based on the fact that I am pretty confident that Bernard Lagat supported Obama and Glenn Beck ... well, Glenn Beck probably would have supports anyone but Obama. 

Oh, look. There I went and got all political on you.

Not my intent.

Keep reading.

The point is this, while those two things may never be a reality, the second one became more of a reality not too long ago. Read as, I live near Glenn Beck. Sure, "near" is relative. BUT! Considering Glenn used to live in Connecticut and then Texas, where he has a house now ... we are practically neighbors.

And I got to "meet" Glenn. 

Sure, "meet" is a relative term too.

But, c'mon. I am counting being less than five feet away from him and making eye contact with him multiple times is as good as meeting him. For now. :)

And, yes. I do know where he lives. And I anticipate him inviting me over for dinner one day. ;)

P.S. I know Glenn is hated or loved. If you hate him, I would venture to say you don't know him. He is so much more than the politics he discusses on his radio and TV shows. The chances are you have seen his more "eccentric" moments because those are the ones that are highlighted on social media.

However, this evening was so enchanting. He is so humble, so down-to-earth, so kind. He is just a good, good man that I feel privileged to have sit at his footsteps for an evening. He made me want to be better. He made me want to be more. And for that, I am grateful.


One of my favorite things he has done is this book. Check it out. I read it and it made me want to be a better person {and wasn't political at all}. And if you think you hate Glenn Beck and all his political views, I dare you to view this and see if it doesn't change your mind. Because if you say it doesn't, we all know you are lying. ;)

If you would like to know more about my evening with Glenn Beck, let me know. I am willing to share. I am also willing to share why I think he is so neat, so drop a line. :)

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Shan said...

I don't listen to political shows so I really don't know much about Glenn Beck but I did watch that video the other day and it is extremely moving.

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