alert advisory!

While I just recently announced I would be part of the 2014 graduating class from Arizona State University, I actually began attending waaay back in in the spring. 

Not too long after classes started, I received an alert notification via email from the university. Not gonna lie, I was a tad nervous to get it, not because I was on campus or anywhere near campus {as I am attending online and living in Utah}, but because this was my first alert message from a university ever! 

I graduated college just as the Virginia Tech shootings occurred, which is when Utah State was in the final stages of preparing their mass alert system. Ergo, I was never a part of it.

So, when I got the message from Arizona State, I worried something horrific as Virginia Tech was occurring. But my worries would primarily be for naught as this was the warning I was receiving. 


And since my time attending Arizona State the last nine months, I have received at least three more alert emails about bees. 

And you better believe I will be keeping myself clear from those bees, approximately 739 miles clear! 


I think I will be safe. But I am concerned about all of you. How do you know to stay clear of those bees in Arizona??? I guess you better attend grad school at ASU too. Go Sun Devils! And by go Sun Devils I clearly mean GO AGGIES. Obvi. :)


Shan said...

So glad you are safe from the bees!

Avree said...

wow, think of all the lives they've saved.

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