We're doing this!

We are going on a rant and/or a tirade. It isn't as pleasing as going on a vacation, but this is all I can offer today. :)

Have you ever heard of the new "diet" fad that has been going around lately, It Works Wraps?

If not, here is the skinny {pun intended}. There are these little wrap-doo-dads that you ... wrap around your waist for an hour or so and then voila! You drop dress sizes and other super cool things like grow five inches in height. Okay, I lied about the last part.But! The first part is claimed to be true and from what I gather, actually is. For doing absolutely nothing for one hour, you lose inches around your waist for 2-6 months. Oooh, ahhhh.

If you sell these babies or use these babies, that's great. For you. However, I am going to tell you a couple of my thoughts on them. Read at your own risk . :)

One. I hate being invited to these parties. I hate being invited to these parties because I feel like it is an invite with a slap in the face. "Heeeey! Come to my party ... because you could lose a few inches around your waist!" Gee. Thanks for telling me you think I am pudgie+.

Two. If you invite me to this party and don't think I need to lose some inches around my waist, why on this green earth are you inviting me? So you can earn money off a sketch pyramid scheme? Thanks, but no thanks. Strike that. No thanks, and no thanks!

Three. "They", the all allusive It Works Wraps junkies, claim it does not promote weight loss. This is true. They don't. What they will claim is that it helps tone your body. This is also false. Get this, the only thing that actually tones your body is working out your muscles. Weird, right? 

P.S. A friend of mine is part of this program, well ... until at least I click the "publish" button and then maybe that statement will no longer be a truism. We shall see. ;) She recently posted on FB this following animated photo.

My favorite part of this photo is that the wrap goes around your waist and helps you lose inches around your face. You will notice that the arms, thighs and neck are thinner too. I suppose you could wrap the little bugger around those places and see results ... but your face? {P.S. I do admire her pink swimsuit though.} ;)

Now, this next part is a tad off topic, but I can't help myself. A day after this friend invited me to an It Works Wrap party, she posted this quote on FB.

Ahem. Indirectly telling me that my midsection needs work via your invitation does not make me feel important. It makes me feel like you feel my midsection {and thighs, arms and neck apparently} are pudge too. 

And now, I want to leave you with two facts. The first one, the only way to lose weight and live a healthy life is to actually live a healthy life. 

Secondly, and most importantly, your weight is just a number. It doesn't define you.

I have never been one to put much {if any} focus on my weight. I suppose that is easy to say considering I have been an avid runner {minus my chronic injuries over the past decade} the majority of my entire life. 

I had an experience in college that solidified the ridiculousness of that number. I was running cross country and track and field for Utah State. I don't recall the details of why, but for some reason we were weighing all of our teammates.

Teammate after teammate got onto the scale and extremely low numbers continued to appear. I remember in that moment feeling a little insecure knowing that my five foot, eleven inched frame would show a number much higher than my teammates who, mostly, stood at five-foot six or shorter.

Right then I consciously decided to give up on giving that number any weight {pun not intended this time} in my life. I was running 75+ miles every week and eating healthy to perform at the highest level my body was capable. I was in the best shape of my life and the healthiest I have ever been in my lifeyet I knew my long bones would tip that scale to digits significantly higher than my teammates because my bones were significantly longer. It was with that knowledge that I immediately chose to diminish the power that number played in society.  To this day, I have never weighed myself. And when I have had to for doctor appointments, I instruct the nurse that I do not want to know how much I weigh. She jots down a number and I have no idea what it is. And that, my friends, is liberating.

I am not weight. And you aren't either. 

We don't need someone else telling us what our body needs, particularly when they make money off of it, particularly when it gives false ideas on how to live healthy and particularly when it is done by preying on potential insecurities others might already have.

So, when it comes to drugs and It Works Wraps, I team up with Nancy Reagan to say, "Just say, 'No!'"


Two of my friends from college {they are twins and fantastic in every way possible} have recently received their PhDs in representations of female bodies in popular media and have spoke directly about It Works Wraps here. They have a fantastic website that reminds women every that we are capable of so much more than just being looked at. I encourage you to check out their website. They are doing great things!


Rachel Overson said...

Amen, sister. I feel this way about every "lose weight fast" marketed to women. It doesn't promote health, and preys on the insecurities of women to make a quick buck.

Night Chayde said...

I agree!! I unfortunately tried this and it just made me feel weird and I had that goopy crap everywhere. I hated it! Best results like you said come fr the gym and your kitchen. You can't go pound a sleeve of Oreos then do a wrap to make up for it. Loved this post!


{haley} said...

I LOVE this rant! Thank you for saying what we'd all like to say. :)

Meg said...

I've heard of these, though I haven't actually seen them, and I had a similar reaction. How in the world is this actually supposed to help you? It can't. If you want to be healthy you have to change your habits. But that is hard so things like this will always be around and will always have followers who want a quick, easy fix.

Krystal said...

Thank you!! I have been invited to multiple parties and just think it sounds so weird! However, if it made me grow 5 inches, I would have been really excited and totally tried it!

Mallory said...

Lol the picture of the wrap transforming the entire body just made me laugh. If you want to be in good shape you have to work on it. I like reading your blog makes me smile.

Mallory said...

Lol the picture of the wrap transforming the entire body just made me laugh. If you want to be in good shape you have to work on it. I like reading your blog makes me smile.

Lissa Chandler said...

I LOVE the last couple paragraphs because I feel the same way and mostly don't weigh myself, either. But! I totally used a wrap because I read that they'd get rid of stretch marks. It didn't make me skinnier, but my stretch marks are ninety percent gone (for now at least!) and that is awesome. So I have nothing but love for them. ;)

Shan said...

This is an awesome post. I'd love to get to the point where I don't care about the number on the scale.

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