The day I had died and gone to Heaven ...

Most of you know that I am a die-hard Utah State University Aggie fan. If it were possible, I would bleed blue and cry pewter tears. 

I recently was able to be in what I call Aggie Heaven, because, quite frankly, there is no other way to describe the grandeur of what I experienced!

I, along with my family, was given a private tour of the new athletic facilities at Utah State. And ... I could have just died right then and there and been the happiest little Aggie who had ever lived. 

Our tour started with the equipment room.

We were able to see and touch the jerseys and helmets of the football players. I was also able to see all the extra running shoes left over from Track & Field last season - all the orange boxes. And you know what orange boxes mean? NIKES. I miss my running days at USU, particularly those boxes of shoes I was given for free! I was half tempted to ask our fantastic tour guide to look for 9.5's because clearly they wouldn't miss one pair. :)

After the equipment room, they showed up the laundry room. Back in my days as an athlete, we had to wash our own laundry! But not now, you tie all your belongings together, throw them in a bin and by morning everything is clean and fresh! 

We were then taken to these doors.

To enter into the locker room of the USU football team.

Where I chilled on some couches and watched some ESPN.

And found Chuckie Keeton's locker.

Sorry it's blurry.
Each locker was sponsored. The sponsors were given the choice to put a quote inside the locker for the players. One of my favorites was the locker sponsored by the Logan Institute of Religion faculty members and the quote they chose. :)

I also enjoyed seeing some of the things these rough and tough football players put on their lockers.

After the football locker room, we headed off to the athletic training room, which I absolutely loved! I think I loved it so much because so much of my USU career was spent in the athletic training room, as I eventually ended my career early due to injuries. 

It must be said, our facilities looked nothing like they do now!

You can see the "tables" or stations where the injured athlete is assisted. In our old training room, there were about eight of those tables. Now? Oh, there are 20. 

And also ...

A legit whirl pool! When I was there it was like a tin tub and a secondary one that was literally a horse trough. The pool to the left is an underwater treadmill so athletes can run without further injuring themselves. It also has cameras so that their form can be analyzed while recovering from injury. My mind was blown by the state of the art equipment! 

We then were off to check out the other aspects of the facility, like the box office seats.

And this dude's office.

Swanky, no?

The nice man giving us the tour then took us somewhere he says he doesn't take most tours.


He actually sneaked me into my USU track coaches' office to show me the view.

Be still my heart. What I wouldn't give to have an office with this view!

We also got to play on the field. 

Fun fact: the field is made of AstroTurf GamDay Grass, which is not the fun fact. The fun fact is this, because of the substance which it is made, it is 20 degrees hotter on the field than the temperature at the time. Goo.

Lastly, we were able to see the new strength and conditioning facility. 

Ab.so.lute.ly. un.real.

 While there we ran into one of the Whimpey twins {but don't let their names fool you, how wimpy is he or he?!}. He said, "You should have seen what our old training room looked like!"

I said, "I did! And I am so jealous!!"

Oh, and did I mention ... while on the tour I met Jarred Shaw?

AND, Chuckie Keeton?


P.S. I haven't felt that short in a long, long time. 

I seriously can now die a happy person. And as if I wasn't already, I am sooo ready for football season! 


The Huffs said...

So I kind of watch your blog... a lot. I also am a "has been" fellow Aggie athlete. I played soccer there when you were in track. So jealous of the new facilities. I agree about the orange boxes, I miss them too. Thanks for your fun posts.

Nick Ballam said...

Best blog post ever.

Shan said...

That looks like you had a ton of fun!

Mike said...

Awesome! Meeting Chuckie would be enough, but everything else would cause my brain to explode from joy.

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