Sometimes, I lie on accident.

Normally, I don't lie. Unless I am teasing, pulling a prank or something of that nature, then all bets are off.

But sometimes I lie on accident. 

For example, if someone ever calls me and says, "Did I wake you?", if they did, I always immediately answer, "No, not at all."

It's like my lips have no choice to lie because my half-awake mind does it without even consulting my conscience. 

Normally, that is the only time I lie. However, earlier this week my full-awake mind was at it. Although, I must throw in the disclaimer that while it was my full-awake mind, it was a caught-off guard mind.

Fact, I sometimes shop in the children's section at Old Navy. How this five-foot, 11-inched body fits into little girl clothes is beyond me, but, hey, it works.

I approached the counter with three t-shirts, five dollah each, with stripes and stars {no, I did not purchase God Bless America apparel} and I couldn't have been happier {well, there I go lying again - I could have been happier had it been my wedding day or something like that, but go with me on this one}.

As the lady at the checkout counter began to ring up the shirts she said, "Back to school shopping?"

And without even thinking my caught-off guard brain said, "Yup."

I knew she though I was purchasing these shirts for some adorable little girl going back to elementary school and somehow my brain could not muster up the real response - the truthful response of, "Actually, these are for me."

And so I left Old Navy feeling like a dirty scumbag who lies to innocent people about small children and myself. 

Low of lows, right?

Until I put on one of my adorable shirts and then I felt okay about my life again. Maybe if I ever run into that sales associate ever again, I will clarify. But until that day, it's stars and stripes {the non-patriotic kind} for me.

And for the love, please tell me I am not the only one who accidentally lies every now and again!


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Shan said...

Sometimes, I let people believe my nieces and nephews or little brother are my kids. It's just easier than correcting them.

Meg said...

I think it happens to all of us. As long as you're not regularly lying intentionally, I think you're probably just normal. :)

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