Mindy is broken.

I think most of you know I have kinda had a rough year with injuries. While the Angry Mr. Achilles has played nice for the most part, I had the ankle incident, the IT-band incident and the hamstring incident ...

Then, ironically enough, last week while I was warming up my little hamstring for my softball game, I strained my calf muscle. Just in case you missed they key part of that sentence, I strained it while warming up. Seriously, I thought the warm up was to prevent injuries not create them??

This week, I opted to do a warm up for my warm up before my softball game to hopefully prevent injuries in the regular warm up, which hopefully would prevent injuries during the actual game.

And guess what?

It worked.

However, I was not able to avoid injury completely. 

What the heck is that? I am entirely uncertain how I bruised that little bugger considering it is on the opposite side of my hand that catches the ball. 

When I see it, I just feel like I am a dirty girl and I need to wash my hands.

BUT! It doesn't hurt at all. AND! It doesn't prevent me from playing softball {or running}. So, I will take it. 

P.S. My softball team is on a winning streak. We have won two games in a row. But considering we only one game in our inaugural season two years ago {and we didn't play last year}, we will take what we can get. :) 

Almost lastly, I think I am going to skip Facebook Finds Friday tomorrow. I am feeling a tad under the weather and just don't want to put for the effort it takes. BUT! I will have something ready for next week.

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Shan said...

Hey, it's a great battle wound if it doesn't hurt. Make up some awesome story!

Crissy Candypow said...

Strained while warming up?! That sounds like something that would happen to me. Hopefully your finger goes back to the original color, it sure does look painful!

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