Facebook Finds Friday | Week 17

I was confident yesterday was Friday. Which means today should have been Saturday. 

Speaking of Saturday, I am pretty sure the Saturday one is my favorite. Or maybe the cat one.

Which one is your favorite?

via Shurlana

If you would like to play along, grab the button and put it on blog and link up below!

Or if you would prefer, feel free to email your finds my way {runaholic[at]gmail[dot]com} or tag me in Facebook. :)



Emerald Dove said...

Great pictures - I enjoyed reading these! I love the first one - it is so true that so many people do this! I pronounce vase as 'v-ah-se' because I am very British and maybe fall into the 'voz' category! Haha! :D

Alex Gladwin said...

Fantastic post as usual. Loved the Merry Christmas card, haha x

Meg said...

I think I like the last one best.

Shan said...

I love the cat one!

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