Facebook Finds Friday | Week 16


It's Friday!

And I only blogged once this week. Maybe one day I will stop being a loser. :)

As always, which is your favorite?

I think the "Meanwhile in Scotland" one is make a strong pull for first this week for me. Or the Lance Armstrong one. :)

via Shurlana

via Claire

via Jamie

via Claire

AND! Last week, Sarah joined up on the link up! This is my favorite she posted last week!

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Alex BumptoBaby said...

Haha, I love these posts! That last one is my fave! X

UK based Lifestyle & Parenting Blog

Meg said...

I think I agree with you on favorites. Those two made me laugh the most.

maria said...

haha i love the one about expecting a baby and the voldemort one. haha these are all so great

Shan said...

I think the Voldemort one was my favorite.

Night Chayde said...

haha I love the invisisble spaghetti. I think I am guilty of a few of those pictures...yikes.

Newest follower. I would love it if you followed me back :)


My name is Lydia said...

My favorite is voldemort. hands DOWN! hahahaha!

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