Every now and again I explore Blogger and all the information is provides.

One that I always find particularly interesting is the "Stats" section. It is extremely informative. 

It tells you the over all statistics of your blog {how many page views on any given day, week, month, or even all-time views}. 

It tells you the most popular blog posts you have written by page view.

It tells you where your audience is from. This usually freaks bloggers out to see that someone from Siberia is reading their blog, especially considering they don't know anyone from or in Siberia!

It even tells you the traffic sources leading to your blog , which browser it was viewed on and Google searches people have done that have led to your blog.

I want to talk about that last one ... searches that have led to my blog.

I was viewing this yesterday {something I only do several times a year, if that}. And I wasn't surprised to find people had found my blog via: Mindy Thornley Blog, Sister Wives {after all, my two posts on them were quite controversial} and even Titanic Museum Artifacts.

However, there was one keyword phrase that did surprise me ... Shocked me actually and left me speechless.

Take a gander at the second to last search.


Since when did I ever talk about a sweaty girl pooping??

Well, besides now.


Also, it must be said, I have never mentioned Saturday's Warrior on this blog {until this very moment}. So, how does a Saturday's Warrior search bring up my blog?

Suddenly, I feel much better not only about what I Google search, but about what I do in my spare time also. And I hope this blog post did the same for you. :)


Shan said...

I had no clue you could find stats like that. I'm going to have to look.

kathy said...

I'm gonna come clean. I am one of your statistics. I am a blog stalker. However, I am not that person from Siberia. Nope. I reside in the distant land of.....Millville. I link to your blog pretty much every day, through BreAna Petersen Palmer's blog. She is my daughter-in-law's sister. I don't know if you know BreAna from high school, but if you do, I am also Maureen McGregor's aunt. If you don't know her, disregard that. I did not find you by Googling "sweaty girl pooping". Just thought you should know that.

Brooke Watson said...

I love it! I LOVE IT! hahaha

Dara @ The Southern Thing said...

Haha! People are weird! Now I've got to go check mine!

LaynahRose said...

I am DYING. I am completely home alone, and dyyyying of laughter right now. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That is good.

"since when have I ever talked about that...well, until now"


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