Over the weekend, the thermostat decided to get real.

Real hot.

I feel like I am practically melting anytime I leave the house/work. And sometimes even when I am in those locations with air conditioning.

Claire, Jilly and I decided to forgo our normal heat beating location and go to Porcupine Dam instead.

It is a tad bit off the beaten path, but oh-so worth the drive!

We arrived to others BBQing it up, canoeing, cliff jumping, swimming, camping - the works. 

We decided just to take a nice little float. 

Plus, did I mention the water is crystal clear? Guh-or-jush.

This is already the third trip to a lake this summer. And I see a lot more trips in our future.

How do you beat the heat?


Rebecca said...

I beat the heat by living in England ;)

Shan said...

That sounds like a great way to beat the heat.

steve and jessica said...

Looks like a beautiful place to be!

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