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Instagram kinda ruins my life.

I post photos there. But not here.

I tell stories of my life through those photos there. But not here. 

There is something in my head that says those photos should be posted here, but then I get torn between do I post them as a monthly Instagram post? Or do I do separate posts for them all? And then kinda have them be on repeat through multiple social media facets?


But I digress.

Here are May's Instagram photos that did not otherwise make this blog. Yes, almost two months late. Whatev. :)

 a. 12 mile hike left me as red as a lobster \\ b. Cream cheese brownie obsession continues \\ c. I am a farmer

 a. I used the eCard calendar for my Mother's Day card \\ b. Tiffy had a birthday! \\ c. Em came into town!

 a. Surprise flower delivery at work \\ b. I use the neighbor's hammock when they aren't home ... and when they are \\  c. I stole my little sister's peach, heart pants

a. First official snow cone of the summer! \\ b. Heather & Dustin's BIG day! \\ c. Letters from Russia are my favorite

a. I only walk up this hill for Aggie basketball, and apparently Claire's graduation \\ b. More hammock time \\ c. Claire is in there somewhere! Only the second graduation I have ever attended, none of which have been any of my own

a. I bought shorts in all the colors! \\ b. Too much time at Target \\ c. Apparently when you move in with me, you take on my name

And there we have it ... someday in September we might have June. :)

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