Last Week

I had dinner with some fabulous ladies.

Elisabeth \\ Nichelle \\ Mindy \\ Ashley \\ Elise
My softball team won! 

I was surprised, as always, at how intense some people can get about a recreational softball league game.

We got donuts at work for our softball team winning! Hey, it happens once every two years, so we gotta accentuate the positives. :) 

I learned some unfortunate child out there has the middle name of ... Idaho. No lie.

I had to hold my tongue at Church. This isn't so much a one-time thing. I practically have to hold my tongue every week at Church. Not because I am not allowed to speak my opinions, rather, it is just less conflict if I don't. :)

I learned you cannot take peanut butter through security at the airport.

I was 12 days sober ... from cream cheese brownies. That clearly didn't last.

I have wondered why my plight in life is clearly cream cheese brownies. 

A family invited me into their home for second dinner on Sunday. The generosity of others never fails to impress me, profoundly.

I only had to work three days!!!

I was able to "jog"!!!

I taught a friend that the punctuation around the word jog in the previous sentence were quotation marks, not parentheses. :)

I found out that someone I was once extremely close to now lives in Colorado. It's weird to think that the minor and major details of his life I am not privy to anymore.

I have seen an adorable elderly man standing on a bridge, throwing bread at ducks in the waters below. I saw him two nights in a row and decided if I ever saw him again, I would pull over my car and speak with him. He appears to enjoy what he is doing, yet ... appears so lonely and full of heart ache, which is weird for me to assess since I have never even seen his face.

I have come across a song that I just ... love. And I feel that I must clarify, I don't view myself as the "she" in the lyrics. :) Rather, it reminds me of a dear friend. 

I have continued to pout about not being able to have the A Beautiful Mess app on Android. HOWEVER, let me make this clear: I would still rather have an android without A Beautiful Mess than an iPhone with it. Wow, I am glad I got that off my chest.

I began re-reading one of my all time favorite books.

I learned who took the dogs out.

Logan puts on some pretty spectacular fireworks. I feel I can now say this since I have seen fireworks in New York City and can compare our fireworks to the fireworks in the largest city in the nation.

I found out a roommate is moving out in the next two weeks.

My brother came into town. :)

I learned that Mormons are uneducated inbreds. I love learning about myself and my faith from others who know nothing of my faith nor myself. AND!! This is ironic considering this study that came out June 26, 2013. Look at number 24! Word.

I was asked by two different people if I "made" my clothes. Undoubtedly, more on this later. :)

I also learned that if you are Mormon and like Glenn Beck, you don't even have a half-critical thinking brain. Dirty darn, I was thinking I had a fully capable brain. But of course that is what your half working brain is going to lead you to believe.

And for now ... I think that is it.

How was YOUR week?


Shan said...

I hope you are able to talk to the elderly man. I'd be interested to know about that conversation.

K&R said...

looks like a fun week.
and its always a good week when its america's birthday!


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