Independence Day

via Claire
Did you know that an estimated 155 million hot dogs are consumed every fourth of July? I felt like you all probably needed to know that. 

Independence Day is one of my absolute favorite holidays.

It somehow wraps up freedom, family, love and God all together in one perfect day, sans the 155 million hot dogs thing. ;)

Each time I watch the fire in the sky, I am completely captivated by reflection of this beautiful country and the morals upon which it was founded; that on this day in 1776, 56 men committed an act of treason and risked their lives in the cause of liberty - their liberty and mine.

Such an unthinkable courage, dedication and sacrifice. Such a price was paid for my freedom and yours.

Am I willing to pay that same price?

Are you?

Happy Independence Day, friends.

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1 comment:

Shan said...

I hope you had the best 4th ever.

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