Facebook Finds | Week 14

Here is what we have this week. :)

Which is your favorite?

via Marinda
via Marinda

via Jamie
via Shurlana

The one on the floor keels me! KEELS ME. 

Did you have any you wanted to share?

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Last week Krystal played along. I have included my favorite find of hers last week. :) Pretend it says, "Heck."


If you are still with me, check out THIS post. We are so close to reaching the goal so my nephew can receive the assisted technology he needs to succeed in school! 93% !! Can we get it to 100% by the end of the month????


Shan said...

I have to admit, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to links. I enjoyed the baby on the floor one!

Sarah Vincent said...

oh my word. Who on earth would put their baby on the floor of a GAS STATION?! haha wow! Definitely got some laughs out of these! My favorite was the chain letter one, seriously, though. *shakes my head* The things people believe. Oh, and the kangaroo one was good too!
I'm gonna go now before I write a book! XD


maria said...

these are awesome. ever since i started following, i look forward to these :)

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