Facebook Finds | Week 12

Oh, look!

We're back!

And we are better than ever! I have decided to let others share in the love by making this a link up post! And, wow. The first four sentences all had exclamation points, which defies the entire purpose of using exclamation points.

But I digress.

I thought others might want to join in the fun of Facebook Finds Friday, so I have included a link up option at the bottom of the post. How this works is, YOU post the fabulous/ridiculous/wonderful things you find on Facebook onto your blog. You include the Facebook Finds Friday button somewhere into your post and then add your link below so people can come visit you blog! 

And without further adieu, here is week 12 of Facebook Finds Friday!!!

via Shurlana
via Shurlana

Which is your favorite? I think mine is  "'Awesome' ends in 'me". :) I am excited to see what you guys have found! Feel free to link up today or next Friday, which ever works best for you!


P.S. I finally claimed this blog with Bloglovin'. This is an alternative way to follow updates since Google Reader has shut/is shutting down. I never used it {nor Bloglovin'} so this is all new to me!

But! Apparently you can get email updates for blogs or through your app on your phone through Bloglovin'. So, share the love!

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Shan said...

I think my favorite is the homework one. I didn't find any funny ones this week but I will participate in link up at a later time if I find some.

Toni Lehman said...

No one cares about your chainsaw family... Hahahaha!

Sarah Vincent said...

the last one, and the "no soliciting"...sign. haha!

by the way, thanks for following me with bloglovin. :)


Cody Doll said...

I died. My favorite "Bankruptcy Divorce Liquor"

My name is Lydia said...

haha! my favorite is the car one or the boyfriend one. sharing that shiz.

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