Facebook Finds Friday | Week 15

I think I have successfully posted three of these on Friday in a row! I am on a roll!

This week, I think my favorites are the John Stamos one, the "To Kill a Mockingbird", the hula hoop and Prince Harry as Scar. Oh, and if I ever get married, I could be tempted to have a photo like the one below. :)

via Shurlana
via Shurlana

via Shurlana
via Shurlana

via Kylie

via Claire
via Claire
Which is your favorite?


For those interested, to link up put the HTML code found below in your posts with the fabulous finds from Facebook on your blog. If you would like others to see that you participated, click on the blue "Add your link". That way, my readers can see that you participated and visit your blog also!

If you do not want to share on your blog, feel free to send them my way via Facebook or email {runaholic [at] gmail [dot] com}. I love it when y'all participate! Some of the best I have seen have been from those that others send into me!



Alex BumptoBaby said...

Hi, I'm Alex - I just found your blog and it looks pretty cool :) Now following along via Bloglovin and GFC.

UK based Lifestyle & Parenting Blog

Meg said...

I like the mockingbird one, too.

Meg said...

P.S. I did respond to your comment on my blog: When do I get a picture of you?

Lauren Ashby said...

I love the Kill a Mockingbird one, and the hairy legs one because that's me everyday! Ha!

Shan said...

Definitely like the John Stamos one.

Allison and Josh said...

The John Stamos made me laugh out loud! Too funny! I love your Friday posts!

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