Facebook Finds Friday | Week 13

Hi, friends. :)
Here are the gems I found on Facebook this week. But just so you know, I am kinda on a Facebook fast for the rest of July. Oh, no! 
What this means is I will need help from YOU. Email me what you find or link up below so my readers can have something to enjoy while I am behind the times. 
But enough about that. This is what I found before my Facebook fast began. 
Heads up, the video will only be funny to you if you are LDS. 
If you aren't LDS or don't know what that even is, look here. :)

via Jill

via Cali

via Nicole
Which is your favorite?

Mine is probably the dinosaur or the math one ... or the video. Or the cat one. :)

If you want to join in on the fun, add a Facebook Finds Friday button to your post and be sure to link up below!


Shan said...

I love the General Authority one. It was great.

Krystal said...

Red Rover and Ryan seacrest made me laugh!! Awesomeness!!

Anna Sinclair said...

They're all my favorites! Awesome!

Just Another Teen Blogger said...

I love the cat one! That is probably going to be my life in twenty-one years haha

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