Sometimes, that is how I pronounce Chik-fil-a ... Chick-fill-it.

I am pretty much in love with Chikfillit. But seriously, who's not?

Some people have a sweet tooth, I have a Chikfillit tooth. Well, a Chikfillit tooth and a sweet tooth.

But this post is about my Chikfillit tooth. 

Last night I was determined to purchase some Chikfillit after my softball game {I am still not able to play thanks to the glorious Mr. Hamstring, but I still go to all the games to make sure everyone plays nice}. However, after the the double overtime loss by one point {and our sixth player getting injured this season}, I forgot all about my Chikfillet tooth. That is, until I got home and roommate Claire said, "Roommate Jill went to go get Chik-fil-a." Buut, she didn't say roommate, she just said Jill. 

Re-enter my Chikfillet tooth.

Buuuut, it was 9:36 PM ... and I just didn't have it in me to drive the full four minutes to pick some up for myself. 

So, I did the only natural thing possible. I solicited my 1,257 Facebook friends if they would go get some for me. 

And when that wasn't successful, that was when roommate Claire suggested I call Chikfillet to deliver. I got uber excited. "I think it would be their pleasure to deliver!" I exclaimed. {If you know Chikfillet, you know that after every request you make they said, "My pleasure."}

So, call I did. 

Mindy: Do you deliver?

Chikfillet Employee: Yes, for orders over $100.

Mindy: Oh, I was hoping it would be your pleasure to deliver an order under $100 dollars to my house.


Mindy: I guess not. Thanks anyway.

Chikfillet Employee: My pleasure!


It was then I realized Jimmy John's does deliver.

So, I called them up.

Jimmy John's Employee: Something, something Jimmy John's.

Mindy: Hi. I was wondering if you delivered. 

Jimmy John's Employee: Yes, we do. What is your phone number?

Mindy: Well, I actually was wondering if you delivered food from other food establishments.

Jimmy John's Employee: Other food establishments?

Mindy: Yeah, like Chik-fil-a.

Jimmy John's Employee: You want to know if we will deliver Chik-fil-a to you?

Mindy: Yes.

Jimmy John's Employee: No, we don't. In fact, I have never been asked that before {insert attempt to muffle laughter}.

Mindy: Okay, well, thanks.

Jimmy John's Employee: {Laughter} Uh-huh {more laughter}.

So, yeah.  Jimmy John's doesn't deliver Chikfillet. You're welcome for me discovering this for you.

And I didn't get any Chikfillet last night. Buuuut, here is hopin' for today. And I will have to pick it up myself, apparently. Whatevs. 

Happy Wednesday, people! 


P.S. Do I read your blog? Maybe I should.


Shan said...

I love this!! I'm sure you made someone's day.

maria said...

Hahahaha I love this! It is the funniest thing ever!
I love LOVE love Chick Fil A too.
it's the best.

Elise Frederickson said...

You + Me + Chick fil a needs to happen because I love the GUTS outta that place. And I love this story. And I am seriously in love with that fact that you asked Jimmy Johns to deliver chick fil a.

Emily Boswell said...

We are GETTING a Chick Fil A half a mile from my house. HAPPY DAY! Your blog makes me smile when I read it! Love you!

Mellie said...

Did you know that if you're the 100th customer at Chik-Fil-A you get a FLOWER and a FREE lunch?? That did in fact happen to me once! I asked if they did this everyday, and was told YES they do! Makes me love them even more! That and the fact that they come to your table and ask if you need a refill on your drink and then do it for you.:)

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