This blog.

I am not entirely sure why I joined the blogging world.

And by not entirely sure, I have no idea why.

I am not entirely sure why I maintain my existence in the blogging world.

And by not entirely sure, I do have an idea.

Blogging is a funny little world. You put something out there on the world wide web and there it is - for the entire world to see.

Many blogs have a theme. 

I don't really think I have a theme. 

I am not a mommy, coupon, fashion, food, faith or a DIY blogger. I suppose the closest thing you could call me is a lifestyle blogger. If I even understand the concept of that type of blogger correctly. Someone who blogs about their life? But then where does style come in? Because I definitely don't have a style blog. I kinda have a nothing blog.

And somewhere in between the past five years of having this blog, I have made an unconscious, inadvertent rule for myself and this blog: BE.GENUINE.

It's kind of a rule I have in life in general. Be genuine to Mindy. Because there is no one else I would rather be.

Sure, sometimes I wish I had someone else's long, gorgeously thick hair or their hamstring. ;) But in all honesty, I like who I am. And to deter from that to satisfy anyone or anything else would be a deception far too grand for me to live with. And so genuine it is.

I think I have set such a resolute rule for myself because disingenuousness keels me in all forms. It is deception and any form of communication that is to deceive is a lie.

And so I true to myself I will be. And true to yourself you should be. Even if you don't think it is popular, even if you think it means people won't be your friend or accept you for who you are, or even if it means you don't have as many blog followers {yes, disingenuousness has crept into many a blog, I bet you know those blogs, I bet you know if you have one of those blogs}.

I pride myself on what I write here is what I would say in person. And I would say it in person exactly. One of my favorite compliments I receive regarding this blog is from those who know in-person Mindy too, "When I read your blog, I feel like I can hear you saying those things!"

And so if nothing else today ... Be who you are. Be proud of who you are. And if no one likes it, they can go sit on a pin.

As for the rest of us, we will be having a jolly good time because we are being authentic to ourselves and our truth. 

It's Monday, people. Heaven help us all.


Krystal said...

I like you, and your blog, just the way you are :)

A-Russ said...

I love this! Just the way I feel

Hannah Alexis said...

Amen Mindy! I love this!

Shan said...

I love how genuine you are!

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