Shenanigans are what occur at my ward sometimes {read as: church congregation}. 

I am okay with the shenanigans that occur {well, mostly okay}.

Today we are going to talk about one of those shenanigans that I find particularly quirky.

In most bishops' {read as: congregation leader, like a priest, etc.}offices in singles wards {congregation that only has single peeps, because we have a lot of them attending Utah State so they make them into their own congregations}, they have either photos of all the ward members, or at least their names written down on a large white board that covers the walls.

Bishops use this generally for two purposes. One of which is to help them learn the members names {as there can be up to 400 students in one ward!} or two keep track of which calling {church assignment} each ward member has. 

Not too long ago I was in my bishop's office. I saw the names all written on the board, with the individual's designated assignments next to them. And I couldn't help but notice that some people had dots next to their names ... Some people had blue dots and some people had red dots.

I immediately found my name ... and it had no dots.

I was quite perplexed at what those dots meant. So, I asked.

The bishop informed me that the dot system was to indicate which ward members were dating someone exclusively and which ward members were engaged.

Whoa. Enter shenanigan.

All up in our grill much?

As an unusually private person, I found this practice to be highly unusual ... and invasive

I didn't say much more regarding those dots or the system ... Until I was home and I realized a far superior system to be put in place.

That is when I texted my bishop and had the following conversation {pretend the first text includes the word /my/ in the appropriate location}. :)

And my bishop?

That man means business. 

Next time I visited him in his office, I was very pleased with what I saw.

And with that, I am super awesome. And all the people who enter my bishop's office who didn't know before, now know.

And I feel accomplished about that.

And that is all. And yes, I just started the last five sentences with the word /and/. And {now six} my English teachers always told me that I couldn't do that. 

I sure showed them ... minus Mrs. Warr, who once told me, "Once you know the rules, you can break them." And break them I do.

Paragraphs with one sentence.

Starting all the sentences with /and/. 

And all I got from this post was I am a super cool trend setter/rule breaker.

Now, that is really all. 


Shan said...

Didn't you post something similar to this previously? I'm glad he gave you a star! You deserve it.

Sarah V. said...

Your bishop deserves a star for giving you a star. ;)

The Suzzzz said...

Bwahahahaha, I love it! You are super awesome.

Meg said...

I'd never heard of a system quite like that before. So what is level 1 dating? And why do they need to keep track of who is dating someone exclusively? I do understand engaged since they will be moving out of the ward, but dating? That seems like overkill.

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