My IT-band was/is getting better.

Despite the fact that last Tuesday in my company softball game I tore my hamstring.

Yup, that beauty of a muscle in the back of your upper leg. P.S. I tried to find a visual online. But after seeing this, this and this, I thought I would spare you. You are welcome.

But don't worry, while running from second to third base, when the tragic event happened, I was still able to hop home on one leg and score for the team. Some say such tragedy builds character, but clearly I already had it. ;)

I returned home after the event and that little bugger of a muscle decided to contract with every move {sans breathing} that I made for the next two hours. If that was a glimpse of labor - you can count me out. It actually only stopped having a tizzy fit after a high dosage of a muscle relaxer.

I called my general practitioner {read as my old bishop, because, hello, I hate doctors - why would I ever have a legit general practitioner?}. He said if I was still unable to put any weight on it in the morning that I should go see a specialist.

And guess what? I wasn't able to put any weight on it in the morning.

So, I hopped into the specialist's office on my bum IT-band. Imagine their surprise when I told them I wasn't there for the taped knee, rather the other leg which was far worse.

I actually got in with little waiting {shocking}. Maybe they felt badly for me because they watched me hop all the way from my car to the office {you would think an orthopedic specialist's office would have parking closer than 200 meters away ... you'd think}.

The doctor came in quickly. Mentioned the bruising and the swelling and said, "You need physical therapy today."

And to physical therapy he sent me.

You can see a bit of my pink kinesiology tape on my right knee.

On my left they provided me with an Easy Ready. It essentially is a blood pressure cuff for your entire leg {and considering my femurs as the same length of femurs of men who are six feet and five inches tall, we are talking a huge cuff!} that compresses the injury and sends ice cold water around your leg.

It felt super nice.

And, it didn't hurt that the entire physical therapy room was decked out in USU paraphernalia. It was a trip down memory lane. Essentially an air conditioned trip down memory lane.

Then they made me do stretches. And I wanted to die. They told me, "This is going to hurt." I kindly told them that stretches really hurt when I am not injured {hence: the reason I didn't stretch or warm up before playing softball Tuesday night}.

The doctor requested I stay home from work the rest of the week. I requested he reconsider his request. And he did. Office work only though.

As the week as progressed, so has my ability to walk. It is slow and steady, but I am able to walk now with my foot flat on the ground ... as long as I don't move too fast, bend it too much, extend it too much, or twist it at all. :) 

Stairs ... stairs and hills are another story.

I return for a follow-up appointment tomorrow.

I think it will go well.

That's all.


And you thought this was going to be about my dad. Pff. My dad would want this to be about my leg. I just know it.


Shan said...

I'm sorry you are in pain but glad it is getting better!

Krystal said...

Hope your leg heals quickly. That doesn't sound like fun at all!!

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