Okay, that might be lie.

I might not like skulls. 

But I did find a skull shirt I liked. 

And I liked it a lot.

The only problem was, I was not sure if skulls were work appropriate. And I don't like purchasing clothes that I cannot wear to work. It seems a little pointless and frivolous. 

Buuut, I really liked this skull shirt. So, I bought it. And figured out I would figure out the details of whether or not I could wear it to work after the fact. 

Cue the following text conversation with my boss.

Mindy: I have a ridiculous, yet serious, question to ask. I found the most adorable shirt. Buuut ... it has skulls on it {I realize that sounds like an oxymoron}. I am assuming skulls are out at work, even cute ones? :)

Boss: Sorry, but yes. Skulls are out at work.

Mindy: Yeah, they don't exactly instill confidence in parents for the care and well-being of their child, do they?

Boss: Yeah, I don't know what parents are thinking. Skulls are a symbol of who we are, right?

And thus we see, that my boss is funny. :)

And that skulls, even adorable are, are out at work.

Because they don't instill confidence in parents for the care and well-being of their children.

I  s'pose this shirt will turn into a breakfast at Kneader's kind of shirt {as photographed above} or a summertime BBQ shirt. Essentially, everything but a work shirt.

And with that, I like skulls. I really do. At least adorable ones. 

That's all.


Brooklyn McKenna said...

I almost bought a skull shirt today! It was so cute and girly! But alas, I turned it down haha.

Shan said...

It is a very cute shirt for you!

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