Ain't so bad.

Ain't ain't a word and you ain't supposed to say it.


I know I have said this before and I will say it again, in high school when my AP English teacher, Mrs. Warr, told us, "Once you know the rules of English and grammar you can break the rules of English and grammar."

Duly noted, Mrs. Warr. And I have been a walking truism of her statement ever since.

But today isn't about grammar, English or Mrs. Warr.

It is about physical therapy.

And guess what, folks? It ain't so bad.

Sure, it hurts. And sometimes makes me want to cry and die.

BUT!!! The place is decked out in Utah State paraphernalia!

And it is like a trip down memory lane every time I go. So, the tears are totally worth it.

PLUS!!! They have TVs everywhere. And guess what is on said TVs? Oh, ESPN!! Just yesterday when I went, there was even a track meet for me to watch while I was there. 

And during the NBA finals, not only did they show the games, but they had {and still do} a bracket of all the games on a huge white board. Is that not one of the best purposes of a whiteboard? To keep track of sporting events? I dare say, YES - IT IS.

So, yeah ... Physical therapy ain't so bad.

I might even miss the place when I am eventually done rehabing the horrid Mr. Hamstring.

After all, I don't have cable at home nor is my home saturated with Aggie decor ... BUT! Maybe it should be. Hmm ... definitely worth thinking about. As a house full of Aggie alum, I don't think my roommates would mind.

And for today ... that is all. :)


Krystal said...

I recently created a USU bulletin board in my classroom. It brings a smile to my face multiple times every day. I miss it now that school is out. Good luck with physical therapy

Shan said...

I'm glad you at least get to enjoy your torture location.

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