Tirades & Expletives

Uhm. Guess what?

We are still talking about air conditioning.

It's almost like in the summertime this blog abandons it's theme of a "lifestyle blog" to an "air conditioning blog". As if the first is even accurate. Honestly, who knows why "type" of blog this is. Your guess is as good, if not better than mine. But I digress.

You would think I would gain some self control over this situation {back to air conditioning, folks}, but let's not fool ourselves, where exactly in my life do I foster self control?

But, really?

Maybe I would if air conditioning was a commonality in my life.

But it's not.

It isn't a commonality because currently, the only location that has AC in my life is my car {and if I galavant over to my parents' house, but notice it is their house, not mine}. My house doesn't have AC. My new office at work doesn't have AC.

I hope that last sentence stopped  you in your tracks. Because every time I even think about it, it seems impossible. Yet true.

But don't cry for me, Argentina. My office will have AC in it ... for the summer of 2015.

So, strike that entire "don't cry for me" bid. Because you can. And you should.

In the summer of 2014 we are going to get a huge overhaul in my area of the building, which will include an awesome AC system. However, that doesn't even begin until the summer of 2014.

Until then, a fabulous co-worker of mine has figured out how to get some air flow to my office. I have drawn a diagram of how this is to work.

Mind you, if one door or window is not in the position it should be, it doesn't work at all. Let's see who can follow.

Does anyone want to venture to guess how frequently all doors and windows are in place for me to get the air flow?

If you were to guess one minute in every 70, you would be correct.

Between one client obsessing about a door being opened and wanting to close it, to another client trying to leave the downstairs level through one of the four doors, to another door needing to be closed to someone stripping their cloths off ... we get one minute of every 70 with the every door and every window where they "should" be".

Exciting summer, no? :)

That's all.

This problem is being looked into further to find a better solution, lest you think I work in a third-world country with inhumane work conditions, because I DON'T. The day after I mentioned the unusually warm temperatures an air conditioning professional {I don't know his real title, clearly} was already called in to fix the problem. I blogged about this mainly because the temporary solution is the most ridiculously amusing thing AND my diagram is the most ridiculously awesome thing I have seen in quite sometime. :)

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Shan said...

I hope you get lots of air soon.

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