This is not about ....

Today, I ran a fun run.

But this is not about that fun run.

It appears that I am running a fun run annually these days.

But this is not about my annual fun runs.

I am horribly out of shape.

But this is not about being horrible out of shape. 

As I was getting ready for the run, I put on an adorable Aggie t-shirt.

But this is not about that adorable Aggie t-shirt.

The letters on the adorable Aggie t-shirt are made out of felt ... which means they are soft!

But remember, this is not about that adorable Aggie t-shirt nor it's soft felt letters.

However, when I put on the adorable Aggie t-shirt with soft, felt lettering, I was reminded of an experience I had my freshman year of college while on the USU cross country team.

I don't know if you know this, but on athletic teams in college - you get a lot of free stuff. It's fantastic free stuff too. 

But this isn't about all the fantastic free stuff.

Just some of the fantastic free stuff. :)

I remember getting my first free t-shirt. I was so uber excited to get it. It was white and all it said was, "Utah State Cross Country".


Until I realized the size they gave me was ... LARGE.

I mean ... honest mistake, right?

"She's flippin' 5'11" ... She must need a large men's t-shirt." Naturally.

But let's not fool ourselves ... why were they ordering large shirts for the COLLEGE DISTANCE RUNNERS at all? 

When is the last time you saw a collegiate distance runner who could fit in LARGE?

That's right. You cannot recall when {and not because you don't know any college distance runners, although that might be true}. It's because we run 75+ flippin' miles a week .... and none  of us are going to fit into a large t-shirt. NONE.OF.US.

At my race tonight, I got a small t-shirt. And it pleased me. And I am not even a collegiate distance runner who runs 75+ miles a week anymore. Eat that, large t-shirt. EAT.THAT.


P.S. When I shop in the kids' section at Old Navy ... I purchase XL.

Buuuut, this isn't about my shopping escapades in the little kids' section at Old Navy.

That's all.


Mike said...

Well, technically, probably most college distance runners could fit into a large t-shirt. It would just be extremely baggy, and probably two or three more could fit in there, too. :-)

Shan said...

That's too funny! I'm a little jealous of your shopping sizes.

Amber said...

So funny! I totally remember this kind of stuff from all 4 years of running. You'd think they would learn!

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