The never ending to-do list ...

Try as I might, this week I haven't been as productive as I have wanted to be.

I am not sure if that is because I have constantly felt like I was a day behind {Tuesday = Wednesday in my head, Wednesday = Thursday and I was positive yesterday was Friday}. 

As Wednesday evening ended {even there I began typing Thursday}, my mental to-do list only had one item crossed off of all the things I wanted to accomplish. Given, I had accomplished other things that unexpectedly came up in my day, yet my room was left unorganized {P.S. Who are we kidding? You should read that unclean} and so was the bathroom on the main floor. Sigh.

What is it the elusive "they" say? The road to Hell is paved with good intentions?

Fortunately, I don't think you go to Hell for not having put the clean laundry away, thereby having a cluttered room. But maybe you can?

And then we can all meet up there for for a wild bash. And by up, I clearly mean down. Obvi.

I would say that this weekend would be a good opportunity to check everything off that eternal to-do list, but that would be lying. This weekend is packed too. 

Oh, well. I would assume most people are in that same boat. Which makes me think we might as well give up to-do lists completely and all go live on a beach or near a lake somewhere and eat fresh pineapple that someone else has cut for us. Obvi. 

I am not sure where that combination came in ... but it is awesome. And has left me craving fresh pineapple.

I guess I will have to add grocery shopping for fresh pineapple will have to be added to my list ...

What does your weekend to-do list entail?


P.S. I know it is Friday. I know this is not a Facebook Finds Friday. But I will hopefully put one up this weekend {after all, it is on the to-do list. And I have some stellar submissions this week}. 


Brooklyn McKenna said...

Okay now I really want pineapple. haha. Adding to my Walmart list now ;) I feel like I'm never on top of everything. I feel like I have to choose what is most important. I'm way decision challenged. Gotta love that.

Shan said...

I saw fresh pineapple Wednesday and had some. It was soo good.

Meg said...

I've almost given up on writing to-do lists for this reason: they cause depression. :)I did make one for myself this week because there were so many things I really needed to get done before today and every evening when I looked at my list I saw how much I HADN'T accomplished. Sigh. I didn't make it through the whole list, but it's too late now.

Krystal said...

All day Wednesday I thought it was Thursday too!! Oh man. You are not alone. Weekend to-do list involves sub plans and getting things for my class unbirthday party. And visit the cemetery to see my grandpa's headstone

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