Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

If there is one lesson I need to learn in the blogging world, it is to post all sports-related topics ASAP.

In 2009, I waited a few days before I posted about the WAC basketball tournament {which my Aggies won - naturally}. But by the time those few days were up, they had already lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament so it wasn't quite the same posting about that victory knowing that the success had already ended abruptly. 

I made the trek to Boise IN DECEMBER to watch my Aggies play in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl {which my Aggies won - naturally}. But by the time a few days were up, Aggie Nation was picking up their hearts off the floor after it was announced that Gary Andersen, our head football coach, was bolting out of Cache Valley to take the head coaching position at Wisconsin, taking the majority of our coaching staff with him.

It was a hard to pill to swallow.

And so ... I never blogged about the adventure.

By the time my heart had healed, it appeared just too late to post about it. Buuuut, I figured since the NFL draft was this past week and five Aggies were drafted, it was an appropriate time to talk about Aggie football. Okay, I openly admit that is a stretch. But whatev.

It also should be noted that apparently I deleted the majority of my photos ... thinking I had transferred them from my phone to my computer. But apparently not.

So.here.we.go. With the mere four photos I have of the event.

Style, Melissa and I headed down the night before.

I would tell you what we did ... but it was so long ago and I have no photos of it, so I kind of forgot.

But I do know it involved Melissa wanting to go hot tubbing at the pool and me leaving my 11 swimsuits at home. So I had to buy a 12th at Target. Dirty darn. ;)

The following day, Style and I opted to kill some time before the game. We went to find the Boise Temple.

Self-timing at its finest. ;)

After the temple we saw some sights for a bit, grabbed some lunch and then headed to the game ... two hours early. What can I say, we were excited to see our Aggies win.

Especially excited, because if you recall, not too long ago we were the second worst college football team in the nation {see here}. To put it into perspective a little more ... we had only had two winning seasons since 1980. Haha!

While frigid cold due to extremely low temperatures and a horrific Idaho wind, my Aggie heart was warm. Utah State dominated with a 41-15 win over Toledo.

After the game we celebrated on the field with the team. And I snapped this shot of Gary Anderson.

As he spoke he said, "To all the players and fans, I don't like ya - I love ya!"

I remember in that moment being so pleased with this man and what he had done for these athletes and this program. I thought he had a Stew-esque loyalty to him. Three days later I would find out I was wrong. Dead wrong. But, lets let bygones be bygones. :)

But now still might be the appropriate time to tell you ... I found out where he lived in Logan. And was very tempted to leave a package of 36 rolls of toilet paper on his doorstep with a note that read, "We could have messed with your house just like you messed with all the hearts of Aggie Nation, but we opted not to. Good luck in Wisconsin."

Also, he named his two dogs Aggie and Big Blue. I thought I might add in the note at the bottom, "P.S. I guess you need to rename your dogs now ... Mucho and Dinero would be my suggestion."

But back to those bygones ... :)

Matt Wells was quickly announced as our new head coach and he was welcomed with a standing ovation at a USU basketball game less than a week later.

While it all ended almost half a year ago, it was one heck of a season and one heck of a ride. One that I am grateful my family and I could be part of.

Only 113 days until the 2013 kickoff at the University of Utah. :)

Go Aggies!


Shan said...

I think you should have left the note and toilet paper.

Katie Jane said...

I am not going to lie...you are adorable.

Krystal said...

Go aggies! Now I want a new hoodie :)

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