California | Venice Beach

Sketchy, sketchy little place.

Had I know how sketch it was before I went, I would not have gone.

Can anyone say, "Marijuana?"

The actual beach itself was fantastic. It was still a tad too cold for my liking to play in the water, so more "scholarly" reading and no cartwheels. Was I a bore or what?

Only one other photo was taken.

Well, it was one photograph taken about 13 times.

By a Chinese man.

This Chinese man asked if we were Americans and if he could take a photo with us. We obliged, unknowing that we suddenly would be surrounded by 20+ Chinese people all taking photos of us.

After he took a photo with us, another asked. 

Oh, boy. :) 

I had no idea we were such a novelty to the Chinese. :)

The sketch part was the boardwalk. It was like a county fair - but trashier ... and marijuana filled. In fact, there was a booth where I could have gotten medical marijuana. I am not sure who these people were who could determine if you qualified for medical marijuana, but it appears like many, many, many people at Venice Beach qualified.

At one point I turn to the roommate and say, "What is that nasty smell?"

"Marijuana," they all had answered.

Uhm. Yeah. I had never smelled it before. I certainly wasn't missing out on much.

At the end of the day, and the end of our trip, we decided to go to order pizza at home {we stayed in an adorable townhouse in Velencia} and chill/cook in the hot tub.

The following day we made the 12-hour trek home.

It's been a month since our vacay. 

And I am certainly ready for another.

Who is in with me? :)


The Suzzzz said...

Hahaha, I love that you didn't know what pot smelled like. There's a reason it's called skunk!

Mike said...

You cooked in the hot tub?

Shan said...

I love your pic with the Chinese guy. That's awesome.

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