California | Los Angeles Temple

One of my favorite things to do while on vacay is find the nearest temple and visit it if at all possible, even if it is just to walk on the grounds. 

This trip we were able to stop by the Los Angeles Temple.

One thing about the LA Temple ... it is HUGE. 

I am no temple expert, but I think it might be the largest one. Okay, I am pretty sure the Salt Lake Temple is the largest {due to additions made to it} ... but the LA Temple looks the largest. 

If you look closely at the next photo on the left, you can see that this angel Moroni is holding the gold plates, only one of five temples with that particularly statue atop. 

The 15½-foot figure of the angel Moroni was placed atop the temple in October 1954. During one of his frequent visits to the temple, President David O. McKay noticed that the angel faced southeast as did the temple. He informed architect Edward O. Anderson "that it was not correct in that position…that the angel must face east." The angel had generated much conversation among the neighbors, and one indicated, perhaps tongue in cheek, that she "certainly never would be interested [in learning more about the Church] until the angel faced her home." One morning she awoke to find the statue "was looking directly at her place." Brother Anderson had followed President McKay's instructions to turn the angel. :)

I love how being at the temple immediately makes you feel like you are home, no matter where you are. 

The temple stood high on a hill and had a beautiful view of the city.

This gorgeous photo was taken by Claire. Others were too, I just don't remember which specifically. :)

This was definitely one of my favorite things we did. It always is, no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing.

And this, folks, is the best photo we could get of all of us while sitting on the lawn {wet lawn, mind you}. P.S. While on the lawn we found chopped up pieces of a little plastic lizard. Lawn mower must have gotten to him. :) If we could have found all the pieces, I would have done reconstructive surgery on the little bugger.

I like how Jillian and Ali match and how Claire and I match. I would.

After our stop at the temple, it was time for more beach ...

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Mollie Rose Herrey said...

When you talk about Claire on your blog and on facebook, she sounds really cool and funny. Is my assumption correct??

Mike said...

Here are some temple facts for you:

1) The Washington, D.C. Temple is the tallest temple at 288 feet.
2) The Los Angeles Temple was originally designed to be the largest temple in the world.
3) The Salt Lake Temple has since been expanded to make it the largest temple in the world.
4) The smallest temple is the Colonia Juarez Chihuahua Mexico Temple.
5) The St. George Temple has 18 sealing rooms, more than any other temple.

Shan said...

Love these pics!

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