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Apparently people like the Sister Wives. A lot. After all, that post of mine got roughly 1,000 views. Who knew?

Being controversial makes me popular. ;)

But enough about me being popular, I mean, we will have the rest of our lives to talk about that.

Here are my Instagram photos from April {and it is May 20th, yikes!}.

My "reject" Instagram photos.

Meaning, while they made Instagram, they didn't make the blog on their own. Although, I think the mustache one should have. Oh, well.

 a. One day I went to Kneader's to get a cream cheese brownie. Somehow I ended up coming home with said brownie, a fruit tart and potato salad. And I ate them all that night ... after having already eaten a full meal at Firehouse. Oops? b. Someone hijacked my shopping cart. What is all that healthy stuff in there? c. Rough day at work and a ruined shirt. Frown.

a. Don't worry, while I injured my toe while setting up Shurlana's wedding, I did NOT rip off a toenail. Ha-le-lu-jah! b. My brother sent me flowers to work. :) c. Up to no good. Read as: dying a dress for Shurlana's wedding!

a. I love, love returning to Utah after a vacay! b. Jack Skellington provides ample amounts of milk while I eat too, too many cream cheese brownies. c. Taxes. Oh, taxes. I paid them on April 15th. I liked that it told me to check any that apply. "Mindy ... died in 2012". And I would have STILL had to pay taxes?! Pff.

a. First bonfire of the summer! c. I adore my co-workers. c. Seeing an Alien in a car is totally normal. Right?

And that is all.

I think there could be more about the mustaches. And the alien. Definitely more about Shurlana's wedding.

You're excited. I know.

Just don't hold your breath. :)

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Shan said...

Mmmm to those brownies!

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