Facebook Finds Friday | Week 11


Did I actually get this up on a Friday?

I have a lot of fantastic finds this week, especially because of some love from Niki and Shurlana.

I have waaay too many favorite this time around.
via Shurlana
via Niki
via Niki

via Shurlana

via Niki

via Niki

via Shurlana

via Jamie

via Shurlana

via Shurlana

via Shurlana

via Niki

via Niki

via Niki

via Shurlana

Like I said, too many to have one favorite. But if you get the Shelby one, you get 10 gold stars. ;)

Which is your favorite?

Happy Friday, people!

I think I am off to have a bonfire! 


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Time is something that nobody seems to want to take anymore. The heart that loves withstands the test of time. It has the strength to wait because it has no fear of  time. It knows only that it loves and that it will do so forever. 

[it had to be you]


I heard this quote years ago. I am not sure why it stood out to me then. But I have been thinking about it a lot lately. 

I think time can be such a beautiful thing. 

Yet, so often times feared.

Time allows for things to abound and become what they were meant to become.

Yet, we rush things that maybe not ought to be rushed.

I wonder why we do that.

I wonder why we rob ourselves of all that time could bring, if we let it.

So, for today, here's to time and all that it brings.

That's all.


The never ending to-do list ...

Try as I might, this week I haven't been as productive as I have wanted to be.

I am not sure if that is because I have constantly felt like I was a day behind {Tuesday = Wednesday in my head, Wednesday = Thursday and I was positive yesterday was Friday}. 

As Wednesday evening ended {even there I began typing Thursday}, my mental to-do list only had one item crossed off of all the things I wanted to accomplish. Given, I had accomplished other things that unexpectedly came up in my day, yet my room was left unorganized {P.S. Who are we kidding? You should read that unclean} and so was the bathroom on the main floor. Sigh.

What is it the elusive "they" say? The road to Hell is paved with good intentions?

Fortunately, I don't think you go to Hell for not having put the clean laundry away, thereby having a cluttered room. But maybe you can?

And then we can all meet up there for for a wild bash. And by up, I clearly mean down. Obvi.

I would say that this weekend would be a good opportunity to check everything off that eternal to-do list, but that would be lying. This weekend is packed too. 

Oh, well. I would assume most people are in that same boat. Which makes me think we might as well give up to-do lists completely and all go live on a beach or near a lake somewhere and eat fresh pineapple that someone else has cut for us. Obvi. 

I am not sure where that combination came in ... but it is awesome. And has left me craving fresh pineapple.

I guess I will have to add grocery shopping for fresh pineapple will have to be added to my list ...

What does your weekend to-do list entail?


P.S. I know it is Friday. I know this is not a Facebook Finds Friday. But I will hopefully put one up this weekend {after all, it is on the to-do list. And I have some stellar submissions this week}. 


April | Instagram

Apparently people like the Sister Wives. A lot. After all, that post of mine got roughly 1,000 views. Who knew?

Being controversial makes me popular. ;)

But enough about me being popular, I mean, we will have the rest of our lives to talk about that.

Here are my Instagram photos from April {and it is May 20th, yikes!}.

My "reject" Instagram photos.

Meaning, while they made Instagram, they didn't make the blog on their own. Although, I think the mustache one should have. Oh, well.

 a. One day I went to Kneader's to get a cream cheese brownie. Somehow I ended up coming home with said brownie, a fruit tart and potato salad. And I ate them all that night ... after having already eaten a full meal at Firehouse. Oops? b. Someone hijacked my shopping cart. What is all that healthy stuff in there? c. Rough day at work and a ruined shirt. Frown.

a. Don't worry, while I injured my toe while setting up Shurlana's wedding, I did NOT rip off a toenail. Ha-le-lu-jah! b. My brother sent me flowers to work. :) c. Up to no good. Read as: dying a dress for Shurlana's wedding!

a. I love, love returning to Utah after a vacay! b. Jack Skellington provides ample amounts of milk while I eat too, too many cream cheese brownies. c. Taxes. Oh, taxes. I paid them on April 15th. I liked that it told me to check any that apply. "Mindy ... died in 2012". And I would have STILL had to pay taxes?! Pff.

a. First bonfire of the summer! c. I adore my co-workers. c. Seeing an Alien in a car is totally normal. Right?

And that is all.

I think there could be more about the mustaches. And the alien. Definitely more about Shurlana's wedding.

You're excited. I know.

Just don't hold your breath. :)

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About once every year, I cause some serious controversy on this blog.

And, it appears it is that time of year again.

A friend of mine brought to my attention that I was "featured" on a blog regarding my post about the Sister Wives.

I laughed {and then laughed some more} as I read the snarky little post.

Truth be told, I had seen this blog before. While searching the internet on how to find the homes of the Sister Wives, I came across the blog, as the entire blog is dedicated to the Sister Wives. I found a photo on the blog and it was from that photo we were able to find their homes.

And that is where I think the problem came from. When I mentioned the photo, I did not specifically say where I got it from. I did not say, because on the photo itself the blog address was written.

I thought that was credit enough. But clearly it was not. :)

Evidently, giving this particular blogger credit/attention/written praises is desired.

And really, to show there are no hard feelings, I will comply.

This is the post I was featured on Sister Wives Blog. {Is that good enough advertisement, SWB?} :)

Buuut, I obviously cannot let it go at that. I want to clarify a couple of points made.

First and foremost ...

Photo courtesy Sister Wives Blog courtesy my blog  {Is that enough credit, SWB?} :)

1. My brother and I look awesome with our faces black-rectangled out. :)

2.  While I did refer to as what we did as "stalking", it was done entirely tongue in cheek. I understand that humor can be difficult to understand sometimes. ;) And if locating someone's home is truly stalking, then every high school and college female is a stalker because I don't know a single one who hasn't found the home of their "crush". :)

3. On the blog I was quoted saying, "I stalk fundamentalist Mormons who have a reality show on TV, but I'm neither for nor against polygamy".  a. I never said that. b. I never said I was neither for or against polygamy. I said, "I am not advocating for or against them in this post." And THAT is a direct quote from my blog, ergo, from me. I do have personal opinions about polygamy, but have never posted them online.

4. Thank you for calling me a nice Mormon girl, SWB. That part is true. I am nice and I am Mormon. :)

5. SWB questioned how my Church would feel about me going to Vegas. Uhm, considering there are 90,000+ Mormons that live in Vegas and also home to one of our beautiful temples, I'd say they are just fine with it. Plus, our faith doesn't dictate where we can travel or even what we do. I choose what I do. And for what it is worth, my trip to Vegas was to watch college basketball. Oooh. So.scandalous. AND!! With 14 million members in our religion, I think the least of their concerns is where this nice Mormon vacations. ;)

6.  Who ever said I went inside the gate? And clearly, we have a telepathic on hand. "Her curiosity is too strong, she can't resist the urge." They know how I feel!! AWESOME.I clearly had an "urge". Let's be honest, if they knew me they would know most of my urges involve eating cream cheese brownies.

7. While I am criticized throughout the entire post about being a psycho stalker, they do say, "I wish there were pictures of the front of Christine's McMansion, with the stone front" leaving me entirely confused. So, you did want me to stalk them? Or am I "creepy" for locating their homes?? It feels like SWB is completely torn. PEOPLE SHOULD STALK THEM. PEOPLE SHOULDN'T STALK THEM! Ah!!!!!!!!  We will criticize you if you do stalk them, but we want you to stalk them! Whoa. Figure.yourselves.out.

8. Apparently taking photos of the directory was the most creepy thing I did. SWB said, "Has she never watched Sister Wives? How many times did the Browns travel to that very same cuddlesac on the show last season?" I am so glad you asked. I actually haven't seen all the episodes. I would say maybe the majority of the latest season and that is it.

That is to say, I am not obsessed with the Sister Wives at all. I just thought it would be amusing to find where they lived BECAUSE our other plans in Vegas {our team lost in the first round of the tournament unexpectedly} fell through and house hunting was far less scandalous than the majority of things there are to do in Vegas ... ya know, after all since I am a nice, Mormon girl and all.

9. And my favorite part of the blog {sans the blacked-out head shots}?

"By the way, she mentioned on her blog that it was a picture she found on the {internet} that gave her the clues to find the cuddlesac. And she posted that picture front and center on her blog. Mind you, she never mentioned SWB, or that the picture CAME from SWB (courtesy of a Vegas SWB fan and taken far from the cuddlesac on the rodeway). How's THAT for saying thanks?"

Again, I apologize that I assumed the source clearly printed on the photograph was not enough.

But isn't it ironic that SWB used five of my photos that they say they found on the internet that gave them content for their blog? Mind you, they  never mentioned Best.Day.Ever or that those photos came form Best.Day.Ever. How's THAT for saying thanks? ;)   {Again, that is some tongue in cheek humor, SWB, FYI.}

10. Regarding the emphasis on me being a stalker {yes, this is different than numero dos}, it is also quite ironic coming from SWB ... who 1. Clearly stalked me {they referenced links on my blog} and 2. Clearly do spend way more time of their lives focusing on the Sister Wives than I do {posting articles about them, posting tweets from a hoard of family members, plus much, much more!}. And to think I don't even follow a single Brown on Twitter.  Nor "Like" the Sister Wives FB page {assuming they even have one!}.

11. The header of of the blog says, " A year later, we not only discuss the show, we discuss Polygamy in our society, and the public perceptions of the Mormon religion." The Browns are not Mormon. Anyone practicing polygamy is not practicing the Mormon faith. Polygamy is not part of the Mormon religion.

12. Lastly, SWB said, "I came across this most amusing blog." I just wanted to say this part is true also. My blog is amusing. Thanks for noticing. ;)

In all honesty, SWB, I am genuinely sorry that it was felt I did not give you adequate credit. Had the source not been printed on the photo, I would have written it in text. And, I am actually okay with you using my photos {as I understand that by me putting them on a public blog I am therefore inadvertently giving the entire world access to them}. However, I do feel like I was entirely misrepresented on your blog and completely inaccurate conclusions were jumped to. And I could have done without the snarkiness.  If there is anything I can do to make amends, I would be more than happy to oblige.

Happy blogging to you, SWB. And everyone else. :)


Tirades & Expletives

Uhm. Guess what?

We are still talking about air conditioning.

It's almost like in the summertime this blog abandons it's theme of a "lifestyle blog" to an "air conditioning blog". As if the first is even accurate. Honestly, who knows why "type" of blog this is. Your guess is as good, if not better than mine. But I digress.

You would think I would gain some self control over this situation {back to air conditioning, folks}, but let's not fool ourselves, where exactly in my life do I foster self control?

But, really?

Maybe I would if air conditioning was a commonality in my life.

But it's not.

It isn't a commonality because currently, the only location that has AC in my life is my car {and if I galavant over to my parents' house, but notice it is their house, not mine}. My house doesn't have AC. My new office at work doesn't have AC.

I hope that last sentence stopped  you in your tracks. Because every time I even think about it, it seems impossible. Yet true.

But don't cry for me, Argentina. My office will have AC in it ... for the summer of 2015.

So, strike that entire "don't cry for me" bid. Because you can. And you should.

In the summer of 2014 we are going to get a huge overhaul in my area of the building, which will include an awesome AC system. However, that doesn't even begin until the summer of 2014.

Until then, a fabulous co-worker of mine has figured out how to get some air flow to my office. I have drawn a diagram of how this is to work.

Mind you, if one door or window is not in the position it should be, it doesn't work at all. Let's see who can follow.

Does anyone want to venture to guess how frequently all doors and windows are in place for me to get the air flow?

If you were to guess one minute in every 70, you would be correct.

Between one client obsessing about a door being opened and wanting to close it, to another client trying to leave the downstairs level through one of the four doors, to another door needing to be closed to someone stripping their cloths off ... we get one minute of every 70 with the every door and every window where they "should" be".

Exciting summer, no? :)

That's all.

This problem is being looked into further to find a better solution, lest you think I work in a third-world country with inhumane work conditions, because I DON'T. The day after I mentioned the unusually warm temperatures an air conditioning professional {I don't know his real title, clearly} was already called in to fix the problem. I blogged about this mainly because the temporary solution is the most ridiculously amusing thing AND my diagram is the most ridiculously awesome thing I have seen in quite sometime. :)


Fierce couples of all time

I have a strange quirk. 

Okay, okay. I have many strange quirks. But we are only going to talk about one of them today.

While driving/riding in Logan I look at all the adorable houses or the brand-spankin-new apartments and I think, "What would my life be like if I lived there?" As if I might be an entirely different individual or have entirely different life experiences merely living in a different home or location in my town.

However, as summertime rolls around, I stop asking that question. And I start asking a new question.

I marvel in longing awe, "I wonder if that house has ... air conditioning."

I made this comment yesterday while riding with a friend in the car.

My friend laughed and teased that while some people ponder the deep and profound questions of life, Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? I asked the deepest and most profound question, "Is there air conditioning?"

Fortunately, I have an air conditioning unit in my bedroom at home.

And let me tell you! Romeo & Juliet. Cleopatra & Mark Antony. Scarlett & Rhett. Brad & Angelina. Ross & Rachel. Kate & Jack. Peanut Butter & Jelly. Zack & Kelly. Ken & Barbie. Donny & Marie*. None compare to the love of Mindy & her AC unit. 

As if that didn't go without being said.

And for today, that's all friends.

Happy air conditioning to you and yours!

* Yes, I know Donny & Marie are brother and sister {I was reminded of this a couple times on FB and Instagram when I posted this photo, as if I didn't know - pff}. I am just talking about fierce love and fierce couples in the history of time, regardless the type of love. So, if you want to give me grief, I will kick you. After all, we know what too much heat can do to Mindy, don't we? :)

Lastly, four score and seven years ago this day, my big {yet little} sister was born. She is my sister, so she is kinda a big deal. Happy birthday, Tiffy-wiffy-poo-poo-pants. I heart you. :)


California | Disneyland

For Spring Break Number Two, my roommates and I decided to head to California for a couple days. {Never mind that this took place over a month ago, at least it isn't me posting about December in May, right?}

And if you recall, I use the term "roommates" a little loosely. 

While there, we made the trip to Disneyland.

I love Disneyland. I love absolutely everything about it. There is a certain kind of magic there that is unique to Disneyland and Disneyland alone.

I have been more times than I can count and know it like the back of my hand.

And here we have a photo of a photo on a screen.

Here we are Tower of Terror. I will be honest, I am shocked we got Jillian to go to Disneyland at all {she hates amusement parks} and even more shocked we got her on Tower of Terror. She might have been shaking afterwards. Probably not our most brilliant idea to take her on that as our very first ride of the day. Oops?

She gracefully bowed out of California Screamin'. Smart choice, Jillian.

We all gracefully bowed out of the Ferris Wheel. Although, got a photograph of it. :)

 One of my absolute favorite rides at Disneyland is the Teacups! Hello, vomitabulous!


Clearly it is one of my favorites because we took about 17 times more photos on that ride alone that we did the rest of the day. :)

We rode just about every ride we could get our little bodies on and stayed until the park closed.

Fortunately, the rest of the trip was a little more low-key ...

{More new posts below.}

California | Santa Monica Pier

The day following Disneyland we decided to go chill at the beach at Santa Monica Pier.

It's a double-wide pier that dons fabulous food and rides on the beach front.

While it was a tad cold to play too much in the water, we soaked in some sun on the beach.

I had my Runner's World in tow - an absolute must for an beach day.

As well as some boring scholarly books that no one really cares that much about. :)

While reading on the beach, a man came by selling fresh fruit. 

 So. fantastic. 

Jillian and Claire did brave the cold waters. I couldn't be bothered.

I just frolicked on the shoreline. 

Truth be told, I am not much of a beach person. If it is warm enough to get in the water, I am just fine. But being on the beach for a prolonged period of time {read as longer than two hours} just about does me in.

Maybe it would be a different story if I could tan ... opposed to fry like a lobster? I guess the world will never know.

After we left the beach we went to the Third Street Promenade, just several blocks away.

It was such a fun environment. There were people all around and street performers everywhere. There were places to shop {H&M!!!}, place to eat and places to get gelato! 

P.S. That is all for this day. However, as I type this there are two flies flying around in my living room. Bzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzz! It's enough to make you go batty! I think it is time for some little bug to die ...

{More new posts below.}

California | Los Angeles Temple

One of my favorite things to do while on vacay is find the nearest temple and visit it if at all possible, even if it is just to walk on the grounds. 

This trip we were able to stop by the Los Angeles Temple.

One thing about the LA Temple ... it is HUGE. 

I am no temple expert, but I think it might be the largest one. Okay, I am pretty sure the Salt Lake Temple is the largest {due to additions made to it} ... but the LA Temple looks the largest. 

If you look closely at the next photo on the left, you can see that this angel Moroni is holding the gold plates, only one of five temples with that particularly statue atop. 

The 15½-foot figure of the angel Moroni was placed atop the temple in October 1954. During one of his frequent visits to the temple, President David O. McKay noticed that the angel faced southeast as did the temple. He informed architect Edward O. Anderson "that it was not correct in that position…that the angel must face east." The angel had generated much conversation among the neighbors, and one indicated, perhaps tongue in cheek, that she "certainly never would be interested [in learning more about the Church] until the angel faced her home." One morning she awoke to find the statue "was looking directly at her place." Brother Anderson had followed President McKay's instructions to turn the angel. :)

I love how being at the temple immediately makes you feel like you are home, no matter where you are. 

The temple stood high on a hill and had a beautiful view of the city.

This gorgeous photo was taken by Claire. Others were too, I just don't remember which specifically. :)

This was definitely one of my favorite things we did. It always is, no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing.

And this, folks, is the best photo we could get of all of us while sitting on the lawn {wet lawn, mind you}. P.S. While on the lawn we found chopped up pieces of a little plastic lizard. Lawn mower must have gotten to him. :) If we could have found all the pieces, I would have done reconstructive surgery on the little bugger.

I like how Jillian and Ali match and how Claire and I match. I would.

After our stop at the temple, it was time for more beach ...

{Another new post below.}
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