When I was little ...

Older sister Tiffy trumped me. In everything.

She was taller. Cleaner. More obedient. Did chores without being asked.

I mean, the list could just go on and on. 

How do you compete with that?

That's right. You don't.

In fact, this point is proven best by the most beautiful Barbie doll house that our mother Santa gave to us. I want to emphasize us because it was indeed given to both of us ... not just her. Buuut, when we would play - the house belonged to her Barbies. And the Barbie cars - both of them - belonged to her Barbies as well. Oh, and the only Ken doll? Hers.

My Barbies were homeless, carless and abandoned by their father/husband - or worse - illegitimate!

Oh, and she would always, always say, "My Barbies are the richest in the entire world."

I would then claim mine were the second richest in the entire world. Buuut, it just never seemed to hold up when they didn't have a home or a car.


Whenever that is discussed now in our adults years, we laugh.

The last time we laughed about it the following words came out of my mouth, "You had the house, the husband ..."

And then silence.

In that moment I realized it was true - even now.

She did get the house. And more importantly, she got the husband.

And I didn't.

She joked that she wished the richest people in the world part was true too.

But to me, what she already has is true wealth.

Until then {if then does ever come}, I will be grateful that unlike my Barbies that I do indeed have a car and no illegitimate children. ;) Oh. AND! That I have as many Tour de France titles as Lance Armstrong.  :)

Things could always be worse, right? ;)

I need to blog about my vacay. I don't know why vacays are sooo difficult to blog about. But the are. Boo-hoo. Poor Mindy and the difficult life she lives. :)


Shan said...

I'm glad you have a car and no illegitimate children. :)

Krystal said...

All of my children are totally legit... They never fight, allow me to sleep in on the weekends, and never make a mess in my house. Oh. Wait... :)

Rachel Overson said...

Lol. I love your blog! You're always so witty!

katrina said...

Well when that day comes that ken is going to be one lucky dude, seriously.

katrina said...

Well when that day comes that ken is going to be one lucky dude, seriously.

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