Sometimes, for no reason at all, I just fall off the planet of the blogging world.

Okay, strike that middle part of that sentence. There is a reason. 

I have recently taken up a new endeavor in my life that at times, just consumes my life. 

It reminds me of my friend Weedus.

When we were in college, Weedus was always doing homework. 

"Hey, let's go do this!"

"Sorry, I have homework."

"A bunch of us are getting together and ..."

"I will have to take a rain check, because I have to study."

Really? Who are these people that do boring things over fun things?

Oh. I am now one of those people.


However, to reward myself for being such a dedicated and stalwart person in my new endeavors ... I am going to Disneyland on Wednesday for Spring Break Number Two. :)

And I still have lots to say. So, maybe if things calm down for a mere moment this week, you will see more of me. If not, know I worked my tail end off until I hopped onto all of the "mountains" {Splash, Thunder, Space, etc.} at Disneyland.

Hope you all are well. :)


Shan said...

I hope you are enjoying whatever is taking up your time and have fun in Disneyland!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Ooohhh have a blast! Even though I do miss you :)


Missy W. said...

I am well. But also insanely curious....

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