Facebook Finds Friday | Week Six

Facebook Finds Friday on Monday?

I am awesome.


via Shan

via Shurlana
via Shurlana
via Shurlana

via Jennifer

And the favorite goes to ... ? :)


Sarah V. said...

Oh goodness. haha! I have seen several of these particular ones before, but they're all still hilarious! I love them all! :D

Brooke Watson said...

I love the butt hurts bunny one. HAHAHAHAH

Jamie said...

The Santa one and the gullible one had my sister and I laughing!

Amanda Schroeder said...

You have me laughing. So so hard!


Shan said...

those were awesome. I loved the gullible one too.

Katie said...

LOL! I like the imaginary bowl of cereal and the gullible one :)

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