Facebook Finds Friday | Week Seven


I blog. Right?

While I could or should be writing about one kjillion other things, you are stuck with a Facebook Finds Friday ... speaking of which, I missed last week. BUT! Can you blame me? I was sitting on a beach with the tides of the Pacific Ocean crashing in {more on that later}.

So, here is week seven {a week late}. Bright side: it's, like, two weeks in one.

And ... I almost wanted to call this "General Conference" version. For those of you not familiar with said General Conference, feel free to go here or you can click on the "I believe" link at the top of this page. :)


via Shurlana

via Sharylan

via Marinda

via someone ... I cannot remember who! :)

via Brandon
via Brandon

via Brandon
via Brandon
Which is your favorite?? 


If you find something fabulous, link me to it on FB or send it to runaholic [at] gmail [dot] com. :)


Toni Lehman said...

Love Fridays for this reason :) Especially in love with the Les Mis review and the ecard about the cereal and milk. #firstworldproblems :)

Mollie Rose Herrey said...

My favorite for sure is the fat cat wanting to eat the little cat!!!

Krystal said...

These are great!! Love the winter/spring one. That will be us next week since snow is in the forecast Monday and Tuesday :( booooo!

Shan said...

I think the shoplifters will be prostituted has got to be my favorite.

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