Three girls, a camera and a shopping cart ...

This is possibly my favorite photo of.all.time.

If I even just think about it, I start laughing.

That's all.


Sweat & Poop

Yesterday was a perfect day.

It was a Saturday. It was barely in the 70's. It was spent with good people.

And I was able to go for a run.

I haven't been running as much as I would like ... perhaps about once a week, three times a month. There are generally two things that stop me from running. One, I am just too exhausted after a day's work {wounds on above photo give you a little insight to that} or two, I just don't want to get sweaty.

For realz.

My desire to avoid sweating results in far too many missed runs.

But not yesterday. It was too perfect of a day not to go running.

I went to one of my favorite places to run, up in Logan Canyon. 

And I got pooped on.

But it was still the perfect day and the perfect run.

As I was running I was reminded of how that is what my body was meant to do ... including the sweat part. So I need to do it more.

Let's see if I still feel the same way tomorrow after eight hours of honest work. ;)

But here is hoping for yes.

Hope your weekend was as beautiful as mine!


Facebook Finds Friday | Week Nine

One day, these will occur on Fridays on a regular basis again.

Today is clearly not that day.

And if I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath for this upcoming Friday either. :)

Also, I noticed I don't have that many. It hasn't been a Facebook kind of week. Heck, it hasn't been an internet kind of week. I feel like I have whipped my computer out three times in the week or so to get on Facebook or look at blogs ... because of that venture that keeps me uber busy. If you want to know what it is, ask and I will send you a private email letting you know. ;)

Last two are my favorites. How about you?

If you you find something on Facebook that you just love and would like to share, feel free to FB it or email it my direction. :)

I think I am now going to go eat a cream cheese brownie.

P.S. Tomorrow is no longer Monday. Yay!


When I was little ...

Older sister Tiffy trumped me. In everything.

She was taller. Cleaner. More obedient. Did chores without being asked.

I mean, the list could just go on and on. 

How do you compete with that?

That's right. You don't.

In fact, this point is proven best by the most beautiful Barbie doll house that our mother Santa gave to us. I want to emphasize us because it was indeed given to both of us ... not just her. Buuut, when we would play - the house belonged to her Barbies. And the Barbie cars - both of them - belonged to her Barbies as well. Oh, and the only Ken doll? Hers.

My Barbies were homeless, carless and abandoned by their father/husband - or worse - illegitimate!

Oh, and she would always, always say, "My Barbies are the richest in the entire world."

I would then claim mine were the second richest in the entire world. Buuut, it just never seemed to hold up when they didn't have a home or a car.


Whenever that is discussed now in our adults years, we laugh.

The last time we laughed about it the following words came out of my mouth, "You had the house, the husband ..."

And then silence.

In that moment I realized it was true - even now.

She did get the house. And more importantly, she got the husband.

And I didn't.

She joked that she wished the richest people in the world part was true too.

But to me, what she already has is true wealth.

Until then {if then does ever come}, I will be grateful that unlike my Barbies that I do indeed have a car and no illegitimate children. ;) Oh. AND! That I have as many Tour de France titles as Lance Armstrong.  :)

Things could always be worse, right? ;)

I need to blog about my vacay. I don't know why vacays are sooo difficult to blog about. But the are. Boo-hoo. Poor Mindy and the difficult life she lives. :)


Whenever ...

I am having a bad day, I remind myself that I have the same number of Tour de France titles as Lance Armstrong and suddenly I feel much better.

That's all.


goodness | seek it. be it.

Sometimes I do not like posting about the catastrophes that occur in our society.

I don't like to post about them because it seems cliche. 

I don't like to post about them because there are no words I could ever express adequate enough to reflect the horror and the heartache that follow such events to those involved.

However, this event ... this event hit close to my little runner heart.

I have been a runner my entire life. 

It is well-known that one of the crowning events for a dedicated runner with high ambitions is to qualify for and run in the Boston Marathon. Some people spend years of their lives trying to meet this prestigious event.

Personally, marathons aren't my thing.  I haven't ran one yet. I keep saying I will run one. And maybe one day I actually will. Still, thoughts of running the Boston Marathon float somewhere in the midst of my mind, because that is what runners do.

I tried to imagine what it would be like to be accomplishing one of my greatest dreams of my life and to have it be the darkest day for so many. As I saw the horrific events unfold, I wondered what it would be like if I was there, what would I do?

Immediate thoughts of running "away" came to my mind. Although, run to where? In such unknown circumstances one corner is no safer than another. No distant street is guaranteed refuge. 

And as those thoughts crossed my mind I saw men and women running towards the explosion. For a brief moment I couldn't understand why someone would run towards the danger. And then it hit me. They were running to the aid of the injured.

There were countless individuals succoring the victims of such a tragedy.

Yet, the aid did not end there. 

Just as some of those runners have dedicated their lives to reach their goal there are others who dedicated their lives to rescue lives - the physicians, nurses and other medical professionals who would prevent some of the carnage. 

Evil does exist.

But so does good. There are helpers all around. Helpers who will lighten the pain and heartache of others.

As tragedy strikes too frequently, my thoughts are similar to those I felt regarding Connecticut and the beautiful Christmas hymn, "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day".

And in despair I bowed my head;
"There is no peace on earth," I said;
"For hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!"

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep;
"God is not dead, no doth He sleep;
The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men."

Ever remember that YOU are the person that ensures right prevails in the aftermath of tragedy. WE are the people who must bring peace on earth and good-will to men - because we can.

Today, let us be the good we want to see in the world.

I challenge you.

I challenge you to ...

Offer kindness to all those around you. To those who possibly don't deserve it. Or to those who failed to give it to you.

Grant forgiveness to someone who has asked for it, or even someone who has not.

Find a moment to be a "helper".

Reach out to someone who is lonely.

Compliment one who finds it difficult to recognize the good in themselves. 

Give love to someone who often pushes it away.

Do for someone something they cannot do for themselves. 

Be patient with someone who it would be easier to not be.

Whatever it is, I challenge you to be the good in the world today.

I accept the challenge.



March | Instagram

I love that it is the middle of the month and I am just getting around to this.

What can I say? That new endeavor I so vaguely speak about is really, really, really time consuming. PLUS! One of my besties got married and maid of honor duties took some time ... and I had to go on two vacations that were only separated by three weeks, and host a party at my house and then, of course, my wedding*. SO! Who can blame me?

Plus, it could be worse. It could be April 13th without my taxes paid yet, let alone done. Oh, wait. That is true.

Anywhoot. Here is a wrap-up of March, via Instagram photos. :)

a. Last home game of the season  b. Preparing for our annual Oreo party c. I fought the pants and the pants won

 a. Morning run in St. George. Hello, sun! b. Vegas! c. This is my favorite exit on the freeway. I love my vacations and I love coming home!

a. Procrastination at its finest. I packed the morning I left for St. George/Vegas b. My heart hurt a little to realize I would never see Kyisean Reed play again c. Stalking Sister Wives - holla!

 a. Isaac is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world! b. We were all wearing scarves. It's like we were meant to be roommates or something. c. I went to a bridal shower for the first time in, like, a decade. The game was a little "dirty" so I made it more appropriate.

 a. Prepared for a Zombie attack b. Scandalous item and even sketchier note left on my doorstep  c. What Claire does when I threaten to restrain her {curls up on the floor in the fetal position!}

 a. Not only did the baby lotion  not help me sleep, I was allergic to it! b. Claire and I up to no good  c. I love when Claire is obedient

a. In-N-Out ... nom, nom, nom  b. Warm enough for our Sunday walks to come back! c. Festival of Colors

a. Jill's niece and nephew were in town for a night. Jill asked him why he set all of his Lego men up on the table. He said, "So Mindy can play with them when we are gone." b. Someone asked, "So, did you play with them?" Mmm-hmm. Sorry, Gollum! c. Our Oreo party success : 330 cookies eaten! 

For more Instagramness in your life:


*Just seein' who is paying attention. ;)


Facebook Finds Friday | Week Seven


I blog. Right?

While I could or should be writing about one kjillion other things, you are stuck with a Facebook Finds Friday ... speaking of which, I missed last week. BUT! Can you blame me? I was sitting on a beach with the tides of the Pacific Ocean crashing in {more on that later}.

So, here is week seven {a week late}. Bright side: it's, like, two weeks in one.

And ... I almost wanted to call this "General Conference" version. For those of you not familiar with said General Conference, feel free to go here or you can click on the "I believe" link at the top of this page. :)


via Shurlana

via Sharylan

via Marinda

via someone ... I cannot remember who! :)

via Brandon
via Brandon

via Brandon
via Brandon
Which is your favorite?? 


If you find something fabulous, link me to it on FB or send it to runaholic [at] gmail [dot] com. :)


Disneyland Mission!

I am currently sitting in a bed in Velencia, California. 

My roommates and Ali {who probably will just be referred to as my roommate from here on out not because she lives with me, but because it is just easier} are in the bathroom getting ready. 

We are headed to Disneyland in merely minutes.

And I only have one goal for the day ... to find the Toy Story characters.

And when I do ... yell, "Andy is coming!"

So I can see this ...

Except for that random dude in the middle ... it will be me.

Wish me luck!

And I will let you know how it goes!!


Facebook Finds Friday | Week Six

Facebook Finds Friday on Monday?

I am awesome.


via Shan

via Shurlana
via Shurlana
via Shurlana

via Jennifer

And the favorite goes to ... ? :)
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