Spring Break | Where Bane Lives

With our Aggies out and two nights left for our hotel stay, we needed to find something to do in Vegas that was ... Mormon friendly. ;)

We decided to go check out Hoover Dam and the new monstrosity of  bridge.

The bridge is newly built as a new pass to get from Nevada to Arizona in a more direct route than the old pass, which was actually around the dam. 

There are no words to describe the MASSIVENESS of the bridge. Not even the photos truly give it justice. I got sick to my stomach just driving underneath the pillars - they were THAT huge.

This next photo allows you to see the size of the bridge compared to the semi-truck driving on it. And if you look really close, you can see the little dots/humans on the bridge. YUP. They let you walk on it! With just a railing to keep you safe. GULP. And, my mama is in this photo. I love her.

We then got a chance to look at the dam.

 ... it kinda looked like it could be a fantastic slide.

Minus the sliding to your death/to a concrete floor part.

Fact. Hoover Dam only took six years to build. Only 96 people died during its construction. And considered over 3,500 people worked on it daily, that's pretty darn good.

Now, what does this have to do with Bane?

Oh, just that I know where he is going to live next. 

Underneath the dam.

 Doesn't this scream Bane to you?? Underground tunnels, all that cement he could lace with explosives! It's all I could think about ... hoping he wouldn't pop out from the winding curves.

Minus thinking of Bane, the tour was quite pleasant. I learned a lot of information about the dam and the underground tunnels. 

We specifically went on the power plant tour, as the regular Hoover Dam tour does not accommodate wheelchairs. Pff. Whatev. Their loss for not being able to meet this dude ...

He's holding my BWSA {bag with string attached}. He's a peach. :)

I would definitely recommend this tour. HOWEVER, if heights make you want to vomit, you might want to reconsider. And if seeing your children near sheer drop-offs where one wrong move and they could die is not your thing, leave them home. ;)

Annnd ... what else did we do to fill out time in Vegas?

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Shan said...

I think I would hyperventilate but I like the idea that that is where Bane is going to live next. Makes sense.

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