Spring Break | Aggie Basketball

Decked in everything-Aggie.

With tickets for all the games in hand.

We headed to Vegas. 

To watch our Aggies play.

This season was a tough one for our little Aggies.

Down five starters and two players quit ... and you are left with something that is almost unheard of in college basketball.

We fought hard all season long ... but just didn't have enough in us to go on.

We played one and were done, opposed to us being able to see us play two or three games total.

I was so disheartened. Yet, still so proud of our boys.

While possible to get a bid to a less prestigious tournament {likely the CIT}, our head coach decided to "shut" the team down after our conference tournament. Players who had been playing needed surgery and there just wasn't enough ammo in the tank to continue.


I am still happy we went. 

But what were we going to do for the remaining two days in Vegas?


P.S. We ended up using only four out of all those tickets.

1 comment:

Shan said...

Sorry that they had such struggles but I'm glad you got a vacation!

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