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I have noticed a hand-full of people expressing their joy of March approaching, and more specifically, their disdain for the entire month of February.

This surprised me.

Why all the hate?

January is by far colder and longer. But whatev.

I like February. I have no reason not to.

And this is what it looked like for me, via Instagram. :)

 a. Utah the most religious state? No.way. ;)   b. Our bishop really, really likes to talk about bagels   c. Jillian's birthday at Kabuki! 

 a. I have a rough job. Frosting cookies.  b. I ... am not quite sure.   c. Tendinitis never looked so good!

 a. A lost bet. :|  b. Sock bun. Liked the way the actual bun looked. Hated it on my head.  c. Kara Jane, one of my most favorite people ever!

 a. I was domestic at least twice this month!  b. Decided I ought to start cheering for the Arizona State Sun Devils  c. Wedding dress shopping for Shurlana!!

 a. Did Bernard Lagat get the American Record in the indoor 3,000 meters at 38-years-old? Yes, yes he did!  b. Sigh. It says it all.  c. We beat New Mexico State {the team who caused the majority of our injuries}!!

 a. In the Sacrament Meeting program!  b. Big things coming my way! c. Bridal Fair

 a. Super Bowl : I was excited for Bane to show up when the power went out.  b. I have been asking the Magic 8 Ball for a lot of direction.  c. Late night pizza party with the nephews!!

 a. MEGA.STUFFED.OREOS. b. Good lil' read. For free. Here. c. After having watched three or so episodes of Snapped, I come downstairs to find this! But no worries, she was alive.

 a. Man Party! b. Oh, eCards. Thank you.  c. Old USU sweatshirt = I feel like crap

a. Special Olympics Bowling with Nephew One  b. Another USU injury. Are.you.kidding.me?  c. After Church we like to eat ALL THE FOOD.

What did February look like for you?


P.S. We are having our annual Oreo Birthday Party on Tuesday! We would love for you to come. Let me know if you need details. :)


Emily and Jake said...

I like February too. I actually always thought that it was cool that it was so much shorter then the other months. It looks like you had a fun month. I love all the photos!


Shan said...

I like your February and wish I was going to be a part of your Oreo party.

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