Facebook Finds Friday | Week Two

Guess what? 

 It's Friday! {And no, I am not going to sing that horrible song.} 

But I am going to share with you some fun things I found on FB. And some that were shared with me!

Which is your favorite?

via Shurlana

via Shurlana

via Shurlana

"Typos are so dangerous like I could write, ‘I hate everything,’ which is accurate but I could also accidentally type, 'I ate everything,' which is also probably accurate."

My favorites might be the food ones ... naturally. :) Or the eCards. Mindy loves herself a good eCard ... and talking about herself in third person, apparently.

AND, again ... If you find something good, send it my way so I can post it!

P.S. Here is Week One,

And here's to the weekend!

1 comment:

Dan and Laura said...

These are great! I really like the Disney sweatshirt one. :)

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