Facebook Finds Friday | Week Five


I have only graced you with my presence thrice this week.

And none of it was about Sister Wives or USU basketball! Oh, the travesties!!!

Sometimes.people.are.too.busy.to.upload 140+ photos from vacation.

I know, I know. I live such a rough life.

But!!! At least these should make you laugh. And we can hope for the things I promised you this weekend perhaps. 

Or perhaps not. :)

Uhm. Haha.
via Sharylann

via Sharylann

via Marinda
via Shurlana
Which is your favorite?

I think mine is the last one. :)

P.S. Some others were sent to me this week, but they will be posted next week. :) As always, if you find something cleverly fantastic, send them my way!



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Mike said...

I really want to see the Utah Jazz vs. Disney on Ice.

Betsy said...

Bah...I love those ecards. I laugh every time.

The Suzzzz said...

It's a tie between Spiders and Twitter, because both are true in my case. But I do love the hopeful thinking behind the police blotter from the Statesman. I saw that in the paper and laughed so hard I snorted.

Brooke Watson said...

HAHAHAH I love them all! I can't decide which one I like the best.

Shan said...

These were awesome and some I sent you made it!

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