Delayed Appreciation

While driving to Logan from St. George on our way home from our little vacay, I snapped this little shot of Provo, Utah and the iconic "Y". 

I cannot even drive by that town without being flooded with emotions.

Happiness. Joy.

Sadness. Grief.

Emptiness. Wholeness. 

Failure. Triumph. 

Questions. Answers.

Conflicted. Peace.

Bafflement. Understanding.

Broken. Humility.

As I finally crawled into my bed that night, I thought of those feelings that came back to me on the drive home.

And, for the first time in seven years, I thanked my Father in Heaven for that experience.

I think I have always felt I would eventually experience gratitude for all my rock-bottom moments in life, as they built my character, built my strength and made me more like He is. But I figured my gratitude for the Provo experience would probably come after I was dead. ;)

But! For the first time, I thanked Him for that awful, gut-wrenching experience. And I apologized that it took me seven years to express that gratitude. 

Provo shattered me.

And I am grateful it did.


P.S. That little peach named Friday is making his appearance tomorrow. :)


Amanda Schroeder said...

I have no idea what happened in Provo..but I'm sorry...but at the same time, like you said, you're grateful for it. And I seriously look up to you for that. It takes a lot of strength & courage. So thanks for the needed reminder.


Katie Jane said...

Love it. You are a rock star.

Shan said...

It always feels good to make it over those mountains, doesn't it?

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