Ridiculousness ensues ...

I am not entirely sure why I have had so many ridiculous conversations lately.

The day following my last ridiculous conversation, I was walking to my office while at work when a co-worker stopped me. "Mindy, I have a question for you."

I stopped to see of what assistance I could be to this young man, foolishly assuming it would have something to do with work.

Foolishly, foolishly, foolishly.

After I gave him my attention he proceeded to me the following question.

"Have you even ever had a boyfriend?"

And that is when I promptly responded with, "Have you even ever had tact?"


That is not how I responded. It is how I should have responded, but did not. :)

I did laugh though. Right before I promptly reminded him he was at work and that question was anything but professional.

I informed him that is not a question he should ever ask anyone. BUT! If he had to, it could potentially be someone he was dating and he would need to word it as to not doubt her having someone ever wanting to date her. Such as, "So, how many guys have you dated?"

Probably the best part of this entire debacle was the look of complete and shock and horror on my other co-workers' faces that this kid had actually asked that question ... because they have tact. Clearly. :)

But! It is so nice that so many co-workers are so concerned about my personal life, no?

P.S. If you were thinking this sums up my ridiculous conversations as of late ... you would be wrong ... Let's come back tomorrow and review more, shall we? :)


Trench Coats & Exposure

I ran into a co-worker the other day outside of work and we had a nice little chat.

And by nice little chat, I mean the most ridiculous chat I have ever had in my life.

This co-worker is awesome. He looks like Gaston from Beauty & The Beast. He also dressed up as the Hulk for our Avengers themed Halloween party.

Somehow, we actually got talking about how I am not married.

Gaston is married and has four adorable children. Adorable to the extent that it makes you almost want to abduct them. No lie.

He told me he thinks about me not being married and he is not okay with it.

I asked, "Not okay with me not being married or not okay with you thinking about it?"

It was the prior. 

He wanted to know what I was doing to get married. but before I could even answer he decided it would be best if I married someone with the same interests as me. So, he decided that I should marry a runner.

Then proceeded the following questions:

"Where do you run?"

"What time do you run?"

Annnnd, my favorite ... "While running, what do you wear?"

I laughed so hard at the last question that I cried. Generally, I do not get asked such questions. And by generally, I mean never. And I definitely didn't expect to be asked that from a co-worker, let alone a married man.

Laughter ensued when he said, "Not in a trench coat, right? You don't run in a trench coat, do you?"

He then decide the optimal place for me to run would be on main street ... for the "highest possibility of exposure."

Need I remind you that the exposure we are talking about is ME?

While still laughing I told him how incredibly creepy I would find it if while running a man pulled over to talk to me. 

He clarified. I would have to run on main street at the same time repetitively so that one day the men would muster up enough courage to just "randomly" be running down that street at the same time as me to get to know me, to ask me out, to marry me, blah, blah, blah.

Speaking of the time. He said my "highest exposure time" would be at 5:00 PM {when all the men are driving home from work, obvi}.

I informed him this majorly conflicted with my dinner time, but I could maybe oblige for a week.

"A week!? A week? I am talking five or six months here!"

No.dice.amigo. Too much commitment away from my preferred dinner time.

"What are you willing to sacrifice for a husband?" 

Not.my.dinner.time apparently.

Somehow, my co-worker did manipulate a promise out of me that I would commit to running on main street at 5:00 PM for one week.

So. Friends. If you see me running not in a trench coat on main street at 5:00 PM ... please be kind. I am just trying to be a woman of my word.

And! I hope when you run into your co-workers outside of work that you have as equally ridiculous conversations as I have with mine.

That's all.

I lied. That isn't all. I have more ridiculous conversations to speak of! In fact, I think this will be the week of ridiculous conversations. Come back tomorrow for more. :)


Spring Break | St. George

For Spring Break {Number One} we did our thang by heading down Las Vegas {via St. George} to watch the Aggies play in their conference tournament.

We stop in San Jorge because my brother and sister{in-law} live there. And my parents have a little casita there as well. We would stay one night there and then head to Vegas the next day.

One of my favorite things in St. George was my early morning run in warm weather!! 

One thing I didn't like so much was when we went to the fabulous Anisazi Steakhouse for dinner. They asked if I wanted my steak on the grill or on hot stone. I felt that to get the true feel of the restaurant I had to get it on the hot stone.

 Which was fine ... Until I realized I essentially would be cooking my own meal. And we all know how I feel about cooking my own meals! 


Blurry photo, but whatev.

I was finished cooking my steak when my entire family was finished with their meals. The steak was delish though. 

Minus having to pay to cook my dinner at a restaurant, it was a perfect chill day {which I needed oh-so badly!}. And prepared us to become the ultimate Aggie fans the following day ...

Spring Break | Aggie Basketball

Decked in everything-Aggie.

With tickets for all the games in hand.

We headed to Vegas. 

To watch our Aggies play.

This season was a tough one for our little Aggies.

Down five starters and two players quit ... and you are left with something that is almost unheard of in college basketball.

We fought hard all season long ... but just didn't have enough in us to go on.

We played one and were done, opposed to us being able to see us play two or three games total.

I was so disheartened. Yet, still so proud of our boys.

While possible to get a bid to a less prestigious tournament {likely the CIT}, our head coach decided to "shut" the team down after our conference tournament. Players who had been playing needed surgery and there just wasn't enough ammo in the tank to continue.


I am still happy we went. 

But what were we going to do for the remaining two days in Vegas?


P.S. We ended up using only four out of all those tickets.

Spring Break | Where Bane Lives

With our Aggies out and two nights left for our hotel stay, we needed to find something to do in Vegas that was ... Mormon friendly. ;)

We decided to go check out Hoover Dam and the new monstrosity of  bridge.

The bridge is newly built as a new pass to get from Nevada to Arizona in a more direct route than the old pass, which was actually around the dam. 

There are no words to describe the MASSIVENESS of the bridge. Not even the photos truly give it justice. I got sick to my stomach just driving underneath the pillars - they were THAT huge.

This next photo allows you to see the size of the bridge compared to the semi-truck driving on it. And if you look really close, you can see the little dots/humans on the bridge. YUP. They let you walk on it! With just a railing to keep you safe. GULP. And, my mama is in this photo. I love her.

We then got a chance to look at the dam.

 ... it kinda looked like it could be a fantastic slide.

Minus the sliding to your death/to a concrete floor part.

Fact. Hoover Dam only took six years to build. Only 96 people died during its construction. And considered over 3,500 people worked on it daily, that's pretty darn good.

Now, what does this have to do with Bane?

Oh, just that I know where he is going to live next. 

Underneath the dam.

 Doesn't this scream Bane to you?? Underground tunnels, all that cement he could lace with explosives! It's all I could think about ... hoping he wouldn't pop out from the winding curves.

Minus thinking of Bane, the tour was quite pleasant. I learned a lot of information about the dam and the underground tunnels. 

We specifically went on the power plant tour, as the regular Hoover Dam tour does not accommodate wheelchairs. Pff. Whatev. Their loss for not being able to meet this dude ...

He's holding my BWSA {bag with string attached}. He's a peach. :)

I would definitely recommend this tour. HOWEVER, if heights make you want to vomit, you might want to reconsider. And if seeing your children near sheer drop-offs where one wrong move and they could die is not your thing, leave them home. ;)

Annnd ... what else did we do to fill out time in Vegas?

Spring Break | Sister Wives

Since last year, I have joked with my brother that we needed to stalk the Sister Wives the next time we were in Vegas.

Sister Wives is a reality TV series that documents the life of a polygamist family. They originally lived in Utah,   in a polygamist area. 

I must clarify a couple things.

1. I am a Mormon

and 2. Mormons do NOT practice polygamy.

The religion that this family practices broke off from our faith and essentially started their own.

Also, this sect of polygamists are not associated in any way, shape or form with the Warren Jeffs sect. 

The Sister Wives wear normal clothes, have normal jobs, go to normal schools and they get to choose if they want to live this lifestyle or not.

I am not advocating for or against them in this post.

I just wanted to get those things cleared up. :)

I foolishly thought that I would be able to do a Google search and somehow find where they lived. Keyword: foolishly. 

The Brown family {that is their name} moved to Vegas and rented out houses originally. 

Finding their rented houses was easy.

For those of you who watch the show, this house will look familiar. :)

This was Meri's house.

However, the rented houses weren't all together and so they sought to build separate houses, on the same street to maintain the unity of their family.

These houses were nearly impossible to find. 


With this single photo as our guide {via the internet} we began our search.

I would be lying if I said we didn't have other tricks up our sleeves. Because we did. :)

And I would be lying if I said it was easy. It wasn't.

Buuuut ... we accomplished it. Of course we did, because we Thornleys are awesome.

Their homes were in a gated community. Naturally.

Robyn's house is in the background. You can see Kody's crasy car parked in the driveway.

And guess what else we saw?

The film crew.  :)

Robyn's house on the left, then Meri's {straight on}, Janelle's is to the right of that {which you cannot see} and Christine's is the one in the right corner.

Although it is difficult to see ... I saw Robyn. She is in the big upstairs window, calling out to the camera man. If you look closely, you can see her resting her head on her her hands, her hands on the windowsill. 

She spoke to him for a minute.

And I took some more photos.

He then got on his phone.

And I got nervous ... that they might be bothered with people outside as our intent was never to make anyone uncomfortable.

So we promptly left.

But, I leave you with a final piece of proof ... their names on the call box directory. :)

Robyn Sullivan Brown

Janelle Brown

Christine Brown

Kody Brown

Meri Brown


Truth be told. I would have preferred success be ours on the basketball court. Buuut, if not, we will find the next best thing. ;)

Question is: is there anyone you want us to stalk?


Spring Break | Food

While on vacay, I ate some of the most divinely scrumptious food.

And while normally I am not one to post photos about said food, I was quite pleased with my assortment of desserts consumed daily while on this vacation, so deal with it.

Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory

Chocolate chip, chocolate muffin at the Paris Hotel

Sundae at Serendipity 3 at Caesar's Palace

An extremely expensive swirl, soft-serve cone at Hoover Dam

I was a well-fed girl!

P.S. Remember how I had to make my own steak in St. George? In Vegas I had to make my own bed at the hotel. It looked dumpy. Oh, well. 

And lastly, my Style did come along. He somehow managed to avoid the camera all but once.

Here is photo documentation that Style was indeed with us. He's a good Style. :)

This vacay was probably one of the most skiwampus vacations I have ever been on. BUT! So well needed, and still so much fun! 

And while I actually hate Vegas, I will be back next year to cheer on my Aggies. Until then, Vegas, keep it real. I would suggest keep it classy, but that is clearly not going to happen.

The end. :)


Facebook Finds Friday | Week Five


I have only graced you with my presence thrice this week.

And none of it was about Sister Wives or USU basketball! Oh, the travesties!!!

Sometimes.people.are.too.busy.to.upload 140+ photos from vacation.

I know, I know. I live such a rough life.

But!!! At least these should make you laugh. And we can hope for the things I promised you this weekend perhaps. 

Or perhaps not. :)

Uhm. Haha.
via Sharylann

via Sharylann

via Marinda
via Shurlana
Which is your favorite?

I think mine is the last one. :)

P.S. Some others were sent to me this week, but they will be posted next week. :) As always, if you find something cleverly fantastic, send them my way!



Want more?


Delayed Appreciation

While driving to Logan from St. George on our way home from our little vacay, I snapped this little shot of Provo, Utah and the iconic "Y". 

I cannot even drive by that town without being flooded with emotions.

Happiness. Joy.

Sadness. Grief.

Emptiness. Wholeness. 

Failure. Triumph. 

Questions. Answers.

Conflicted. Peace.

Bafflement. Understanding.

Broken. Humility.

As I finally crawled into my bed that night, I thought of those feelings that came back to me on the drive home.

And, for the first time in seven years, I thanked my Father in Heaven for that experience.

I think I have always felt I would eventually experience gratitude for all my rock-bottom moments in life, as they built my character, built my strength and made me more like He is. But I figured my gratitude for the Provo experience would probably come after I was dead. ;)

But! For the first time, I thanked Him for that awful, gut-wrenching experience. And I apologized that it took me seven years to express that gratitude. 

Provo shattered me.

And I am grateful it did.


P.S. That little peach named Friday is making his appearance tomorrow. :)
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