Week of Pink!

To celebrate the Holiday O' Love last week, I opted to wear pink every day for an entire week.

I would say I also celebrated by eating chocolate every day, but let's not kid ourselves, I eat chocolate every day. 

Anyway, back to Week of Pink.

It was fabulous.

And this is what it looked like.


Let's talk about day six. 

Day six was a sick day from work ... as I had slept about four hours in the last 48.

I didn't get dressed at all that day. Unless you count my adorable pink long johns clothes, which I don't. I consider them long johns. Obvi.

Now, let's talk about about day seven. My Aggies were playing the dirty scoundrels from New Mexico State. And I had to represent by wearing Aggie blue. So, the light pink under-tee had to suffice. But pink is pink. And I have no idea why I am pulling that face. I think I am trying not to laugh. Whatev.

I think next year, I will start celebrating seven days before Valentine's Day {as this time, I just went from the Sunday before to the Saturday following the holiday}. It definitely made me feel more festive. 

AND!! Additionally, I brainwashed asked my co-workers to wear pink to celebrate Valentine's Day. Aren't they just.so.adorable?

I may have bribed them with edibles. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, no?

I don't think I will be so festive for St. Patrick's Day, just sayin'. :)

Hope you had a wonderful President's Day!!


Katie Jane said...

Love the pink-ness.

Melissa said...

You look so cute in pink, no wonder you love it. And I love that you got your co-workers to play along. I like the guy wearing a pink dot.

Shan said...

I loved that you bribed everyone to join in.

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