Week O' Love!

Pink + Chocolate 

= one of the best holidays ever!

I opted to begin my Valentine's Day celebration early. In fact, I am going to be celebrating it all week long.

 ... by wearing insane amounts of pink every day. 

I started Saturday evening with every bottle of pink nail polish I own.

 I was quite pleased with how they turned out. And I am certain they will fantastic with my Pepto-Bismol  attire for the next six days {I already started today}.

P.S. I found these cute nails which are super similar, yet different, if any of you are wanting to brighten up your Valentine's week. :)

I still have some other Valentine's Day tricks up my sleeve too ... as long as something arrives in the mail no later than Thursday. Wish me luck!

Hope you weekend was swell!


Shan said...

What a great way to start the week!

Kellene Elise said...

Thanks for the mention Love! These are sweet and adorable! :)

This Lovely Little Day

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