Valentine's & Lost Causes

Valentine's Day was spent in a sea of pink {talking a handful of my co-workers and clients into wearing pink}, cheering on my Aggies, delivering cookies {only to three gals this year, opposed to the 141 girls that past two years} and ...

Taking the necessary steps to never spend this holiday "alone" again!

If you recall last year, while not Catholic, I still participated in a Roman Catholic folklore tradition of burying a saint to receive a miracle. Rumor has it that you bury a statue {upside down} of the saint of the miracle you are trying to receive {e.g.: Bury a St. Luke statue for health as he is the saint of health}.

I opted to bury a statue of St. Valentine's on Valentine's to receive a miracle of loooove {I even threw in a cute, pink, sparkly statue for good measure to keep St. Valentine company}.

But I must confess ...

The statue I buried wasn't technically a St. Valentine's statue. I may or may not have just went to the dollar store, found a figurine I thought would suffice, named it St. Valentine's and called it good.

Clearly, it wasn't good ... as 365 days have past and I still haven't received my miracle of looooove.

I thought this year, I would repent of my ways ... and go big or go home.

So, simply getting an official statue of St. Valentine wouldn't be good enough.

Instead, I got a statue of St. Jude ... the saint of LOST CAUSES {if me getting married isn't a lost cause, I don't know what is!}.

And I tromped through over a foot of snow.

Near the same location of fake and miracle-less St. Valentine {and the pink, sparkly figurine I had thrown in for good measure}. And began to dig through the snow.

And finally located some dirt.

Where I began digging some more.

The funny thing here is this ... I randomly chose a place to dig in the general vicinity of where I buried the first statues. The first time I went this location last time, there was no snow. This time, the landmarks for me to determine where the first statues were buried were covered by the snow.

Yet, even in my six-inch space of digging ... guess what I hit with the shovel??

The fake St. Valentine!!!! What are the odds?

I then placed the dirt back on him and started digging a hole a few inches away for St. Jude.

 And then placed him in the hole. Upside down, of course.

 Finally, I covered him with dirt and clean snow.

And voila, here is hopin' for a miracle, kids!!!

Some suggested I should have just gotten an official St. Valentine's Day statue this time around and try it again. But I figured, with Mr. St. Jude, we'd cover all bases.

If this doesn't work ?? Well, I might be trying a lot of religious traditions in the future!

P.S. This was my attempt to get the miracle through my own religion. It also failed. Obvi.


Missy W. said...

Well, you should probably start wedding dress shopping. Last summer my friend Dani sent me a statue of St Gerard (patron saint of motherhood) to bury in my backyard. Bam, in Sept - pregnant. Admittedly,, i kindof purchased the baby.... Now that I think of it, have you considered a mail order husband?

jill said...

Why do you think I rubbed Juliet's boobage while on Verona? Needed all the luck I can get in that department. Good luck!

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