To wedding photographers everywhere!!

We need to have a little chat. 

We need to chat about the groupings you put people in when taking photos at/after the wedding.

This seems to work out perfectly 100% of the time. Wife's family. Husband's family. Everyone. Wife's friends. Husband's friends. Etc. Bueno.

Except when it is not bueno.

It becomes not bueno when I, as a female, am attending the wedding because I am friends with the husband.

You ask for the husband's friends to get in for a photograph ... and it is slightly awkward when you are the only female in said photo.

One way, apparently, to resolve this is to ask all the husband's married men friend's wives to be in the photo {which, worked out pretty darn well, I think}.

It looks a little something like this:

Which, don't get me wrong, is fantastic {I think Adam's photographer did an A-MAY-ZING job!}.

But then that moment appears when I realize it looks like I am "with" the blonde dude sitting next to me.

P.S. His name is Chance. And one of my BFFs. And engaged when this photo was taken. And married a month later. To a gorgeous gal named Starlee. Notice, not Mindy.

Hence, I am not with Chance. 


Now, I am not saying I know what the answer is to the female friend attending male friend's wedding photograph dilemma is. You should just be happy I named it. And named it so simply. ;)

But I am confident in all of you wedding photographers. I am confident you can resolve this problem so it doesn't look like I am attached to men I am not attached to. 

I am actually pretty excited to see what you come up with.

P.S. What is up with my left arm??? I clearly did not know where to put it, as I wasn't about to put it around Chance. STARLEE'S Chance, that is.

It just looks dislocated. NBD.

LASTLY! It is not strange that I am as tall as the people to the left in the photograph when I am sitting and they are standing. NBD again.

Wow. Glad I got that all out.

And I am excited to see how this dilemma will be resolved by all wedding photographers in the world!

I will fill in the rest of ya when I attend the next wedding of a male friend.

That's all.

1 comment:

Shan said...

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting with anticipation to see what happens at the next one.

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