Perspective {& Obsession}

the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc.

I am always intrigued how two people can observe the exact same thing, yet perceive what has happened entirely different.

Recently, I had such an experience. And I couldn't help but find completely ridiculous {funny} and left me quite baffled.

A person that was {maybe currently still is - I don't know!?} in my life expressed that he felt I was obsessed with him ... and he found me overwhelming.


Mind blow for several reasons. 1. I have no obsession feelings towards this man {or any other human for that matter ... well, maybe besides Bernard Lagat, but whatev}. 2. I couldn't fathom what would have led him to believe this.

So ... I asked.

He said, "Well, you left me the treats on my car last week."

Yes, I did. I left treats on his car because he was having a bad day. And let's not forget to mention I leave treats for co-workers, friends, married friends of both genders, single friends of both genders ... and sometimes even strangers {like the man who booted my car}. 

I prodded for more, "Anything else?"

"Well, that email you wrote."

Perplexed. I had not written him an email ... well, none since April 2012.

"You mean the email I wrote you in April 2012?"

"Yes, that one."


I am obsessed with this man because I gave him treats in February 2013 and wrote him an email in April 2012! {The contents of which were, I am grateful to have him as a friend and I thought he was a good person ... contents of which, I send to lots of people in email form, when they are having a rough-go at life}.

I thought I was just being nice.

But, clearly ... I was being obsessed

Man! I hate it when I am obsessed and don't even know it.

{I am clearly fine when I am obsessed and do  know it ... USU basketball, the color pink, sparkly things, etc.} 

I guess the only thing we all can hope for is that ... I don't become obsessed with YOU. Well, unless you like friendly emails one year and then a treat the following year.

Personally, I think if the world was more "obsessed" like I was, it would be a better place. AND! If you want to be "obsessed" with me in said manner, go right ahead. You may email me at runaholic at gmail dot com and for my treat ... I prefer chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

When I started writing this out today, I was bothered/baffled at such contradicting perceptions from this individual ... but now that I think of it, it is fantastic! I could see this working out very well for me {if you all just get obsessed with me}. 

So, thanks in advance for your obsession and have a wonderful day! :)

P.S. I hope if he sees this he doesn't add this to the list of obsession. ;)


Shan said...

Ahahaha! This has to a be a Utah Mormon man thing!! That is just crazy. Mindy, any time you want to send me emails and treats I will be happy to receive them.

Amanda Schroeder said...

hahhaa. WHAT THE HECK. It's so funny. Because I've heard that a lot. If you are just being nice, they think you're super interested & rather obsessed. NO no no no no no. This gave me the giggles though.

The Suzzzz said...

Shan's right, that was the first thought that came into my head.

The second was "You left treats for the guy who booted your car? You are either super nice or super smart?"

The third is "Wow you're the nicest, low maintenance, non-crazy stalked ever! Heck you can be obsessed with me and leave treats on my car, I'm totally fine with that."

Katie Jane said...

I am personally offended that I have not been the recipient of any of your obsessive tendencies. (that is if you have any because from the seriously lacking evidence, I am just not sure) But if you do, could you drop something sweet and fabulous by my door? I would really love to catch up. I miss our bike rides....and the one and only time I peed my pants..yep at your house. Do you remember? It was awesome? Awesomely horrible. Just kidding. I don't miss that. But I do think you are so very wonderful.

Niki said...

hahaha! I wish you were OBSESSED with me! I think you would make a lovely stalker :)

Niki said...

wait a minute. I've seen you a couple times in the last... year. does that mean that already are stalking me? :)

Mellie said...


Susan said...

Wait, this is making me totally rethink that one time I saw you at Cafe Rio last year... (-:

Sounds to me like this guy is a little bit obsessed with HIMSELF! Just ew. I love that you have such a good attitude about it all, and call it out in all its ridiculousness so hilariously! You are awesome!

Missy W. said...

any time you feel your obsessions bubbling over, go ahead and make me some cookies.

Meg said...

I used to leave treats for people all the time (you remember?) I wonder how many of them thought I was obsessed? Oh, well. That's just funny.

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